Calling for rescue, Paleo Diet Edition

(From "Frogman Comics" number 1, 1952.)

10 Responses to Calling for rescue, Paleo Diet Edition

  1. I’ll have some ribs and corn. And a Pepsi if you have it.

  2. I love that in a desperate rescue situation, not only did Sam apparently find the time to slaughter and then barbecue a hog on his signal fire, but hogs, plural. Because when Sam does something, he does it in style.

  3. Can Sam throw in some coleslaw and maybe a baked potato?

  4. punkjay, do you WANT to not get rescued?! Cole slaw, honestly. ::shakes head::

  5. Hey, this makes perfect sense. You want to get rescued quickly, but it’s never too soon to start thinking survival, and try to get some food to keep your strength up. And when you do get rescued, it would seem downright ungrateful if you didn’t share some of that food with your rescuers. And, frankly, what draws a crowd better than a luau? This Sam guy really has it together.

  6. The sad thing is, Sam is actually just in the parking lot of the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store.

  7. Pulled pork is next. This ain’t a rescue, it’s a good old fashioned Bar-B-Que. You can bet the vegitarians ain’t going near that place 😉

  8. Jeff, maybe he’s trying to start a Old Country Buffet in the middle of nowhere for the local hunters! Nothing says “HUNTING” like over breaded pork chops and 47 year old cole slaw!!!

  9. And a waiter who’s only job is to point and announce “It’s over there.”

  10. S’mores anyone?