Knight windfall!

The vote in our last Lone Wolf decision was running overwhelmingly to telling the truth, so I'm going ahead and booking that as a given. Which results in:

Having already decided to come clean, and having thankfully recovered the Seal earlier in our adventure, I decided we'd go ahead and show it to him. Thus:

Sweet, loot! If I'm reading this right, we could in theory take everything he's got. That'll show him! However, we can only carry a total of two weapons, and we already have our preferred spear. We also already have a Backpack. And we are already carrying the maximum number of Gold Crowns we can shove into our belt pouch. That pretty much just leaves one of the weapons, the Healing Potion, and the 3 Meals of food.

Thus, I make yet another command decision, and scoop those into our backpack and shove off. I am drunk with power! I picked the broadsword as our second weapon because stabbity stab.

My "monomaniacal dictator" dial is still pegged at "DOOM", so I once again am making a command decision and heading to the bridge like the nice coked-up Knight recommended.

For once, we know the answer! Eat it, high school teachers who taunted me! Er, us. Whatever.

We made it to the big city, Mom! Sadly, there is no "hit up the local gaming store" option, so it looks like we're stuck. Of course, having spent our journey with a partial concussion from the "helpful" fishermen, debauched ourselves senseless at the gambling hall, and in vicious fights with various foes along the way, I've forgotten what we're here for. That should make the decision on what to do next particularly spicy, in a completely random sort of way.

So what'll it be, folks?

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