Amen, brother!

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 19, 1941.)

13 Responses to Amen, brother!

  1. Samson should get a Home Renovation show, but then he would have to wear some freakin’ clothes!

  2. that’ll teach them to rob a news stand

  3. Well gang, tomorrow we vote on what items should be added to HM3!

  4. I want a house added to items right!

  5. I guess in Samson’s version of rock, paper, scissors, house smashes car.

  6. What on Earth does this guy have against houses!

  7. And of course in Samson’s world, there’s no such thing as building foundations!

  8. @Gero: YES! That would be so AWESOME!

  9. Dude shouldn’t you be like, fighting crime or something? And I don’t mean the crime of shoddy construction.

  10. @Tophat 11: To Samson, there is no greater crime…

  11. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Samson, building inspector. NO building is up to HIS code!