HM Facebook Page — Are you in?!

If you're a Facebook user who hasn't yet "liked" the HeroMachine Facebook page, you just missed out on a quick post and link to the new "Avengers" Captain America costume. You could be there, right now, trashing it! Get busy!

6 Responses to HM Facebook Page — Are you in?!

  1. Yeah, more trash talk is just what Facebook needs…;)

    For whatever it’s worth, I prefer the WW II version. The more spandex look just doesn’t look right on real human anatomy.

  2. Maybe he’s been demoted to lieutenant, and thus, only gets one silver bar per shoulder.

    (I do like the gloves and boots. The helmet, I think, hasn’t changed, and I didn’t like it in First Avenger either.)

  3. I refuse to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media on moral grounds.

    The costume is ok. I’m not really getting the epaulets.

    Does anyone else notice a lack of enthusiasm in the pictures? Is it because the production crew is tired? They all seem to have a “let’s get this over with” look on their faces.

  4. I use facebook to stay in touch better with friends and family and I have already “liked” HM

  5. I “liked” the FB page a while back. Now that you’re not using networked blogs, I miss having the direct link to the actual page. For instance, if I click on the random panel, it used to bring me here, where I could read the comments. That was handy.

  6. I liked the FB page a while back as well. I’ll occasionally put an image or two, just to get more feedback.