Two-fisted super-hero philosophy

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 12, 1940.)

12 Responses to Two-fisted super-hero philosophy

  1. Great logic Samson. It’s used everyday by thieves and crooks.

    On a side note: is that a woman hanging from the tree or just a severely self-conscious vertically challenged man? And is he/she hanging because he/she is coming behind Samson or did Samson knock he/she out? And if so, and if it’s a girl, could he really do that in that day and age? Or is it that Samson is just a petty thug underneath it all????

  2. “Or is it that Samson is just a petty thug underneath it all????”

    Do you really have to ask?

  3. No, dummy. Ugh. There is still a wall! Look left. Now look right. What do you see? Wall! There’s just a big breach in it, and rubble lying at your feet, so you’re still outside…ugh. Samson’s a big, dumb, vandal.

  4. @Worf 1: It looks like someone wearing riding pants or maybe old-timey pilot pants…

    Also, did they ever make an issue where Samson was sued for all of the random property damage he’s always causing? Because there should be…

  5. Samson took that raid to a whole new level, im sure the person hanging is the barber.

  6. I doubt it’s a woman, Worf; for some reason, you just never hear women getting called “chump”. (On the other hand, how many times do you hear anybody called chump?)

    I guess once you’re already in the jodhpurs, it probably seems pretty reasonable to add a special dash of flair with high-heeled equestrian boots. The top of the outfit is probably a stylish jacket in red, brown, or dark blue, over a white shirt, finished off with a colorful cravat. The horse that goes with the outfit is probably stuck farther up the tree.

  7. IIRC, that’s a Nazi agent of some sort whom they’ve punched into a tree. Because, hero!

  8. A Nazi in heels? What, is he trying to meet a height requirement? I think I like my random equestrian theory better. But, hey, at least Samson at last found somebody worthy of his special, violent attention for a change instead of picking on innocent buildings! I mean, if you’re dead set on going around punching people into trees, you could have worse targets, you know?

  9. Blue Blazer Blue Blazer

    DId they just friggin’ lynch that guy?

  10. The answer’s obvious. Nazi equestrian!

    Next episode:
    Watch in awe as Samson bashes down every stable in the city looking for ‘Der Aryan Horse’!

  11. Chump, hanging red feet
    Brains do not enter this lair
    Loincloths chafe my bits.

  12. When you have a Super-hero who doen’t even wear pants!