Life at Hustler High


15 Responses to Life at Hustler High

  1. Is this a Wonder Woman comic? Because the kind of fat girl on the right looks like her old sidekick…

  2. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Wok-chicka wok-chicka…

  3. I think I saw this movie…

  4. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Serious note: I’ve just read that Gene Colan died. I really enjoyed his work in ” Tomb of Dracula”. Damn he was good.

  5. Gero (1)

    This has GOT to be a Golden Age Wonder Woman comic. I would be flabbergasted if it wasn’t.


  7. Well considering Wonder Woman’s creator was a massive pervert, sex-pest I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if this was by him.

  8. Edna Candy and the Holliday Girls ^^

  9. Etta by the way …

  10. Bondage 101.

  11. Danny, Gene Colan (also co-creator of constant Captain America ally, The Falcon) will be missed dearly by the comic book community.

  12. Avatar Sutter_Kaine

    I’m assuming the “H” stands for, “Help, get me out of this comic”. I can’t be too judgemental though. This is the sort of stuff I watch when my wife is out of town.

  13. LOL the teacher looks like The Vulture from Spider-man!

  14. I glad my teachers don’t do that, that would suck.