Big muscles, tiny personal space

(From "Mystery Comics" number 2, 1944.)

8 Responses to Big muscles, tiny personal space

  1. spidercow2010


  2. spidercow2010

    Ya gotta admit, the guy getting the uppercut looks seriously uppercutted. His spitcurl, nose, upper lip, chin and shirt collar all have an upward trajectory, he’s gone all accordion-pleated in the middle, and that’s some impressive lift.

  3. I watch pro wrestling and that STILL is the worst punch I have ever seen.

  4. spidercow2010

    Unless, of couurse, the Conan O’Brien-looking guy getting punched was perched on the hero’s thigh to begin with, in which case, y’know, I’d feel my space had been a bit violated too.

  5. At the very least he’s a man of his words. Yesterday he said he’d better start doing things, today he’s teaching ol’ Rats there a life lesson. Don’t get too close to the dude in the Green and Red tights.

  6. Watson Bradshaw

    this guy’s personal bubble is even outlined, do not cross it’s threshold.

  7. “we have very little space in this panel to begin with!”

  8. “I don’t like anxious people lurking around my washing machine.”