Awkward moments in hero-sidekick relations

(From "Amazing Mystery Funnies", volume 2, number 12, 1939.)

11 Responses to Awkward moments in hero-sidekick relations

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Frogga go both ways!

  2. Says the guy wearing a robe and ascot…

  3. Hey, is that a banana in your mouth or are you just happy to see me, FLAME ON!

  4. Is the guy in the robe Carson Kressly?

  5. Avatar William A. Peterson

    “Frogga no like WOMEN! Frogga want beautiful GIRLS! Preferably under 7! Are you no listening?” 😉

  6. “Hey, Frogga only told you that so you’d stop setting him up with your cousins. Why they all look like Justin Bieber?”

  7. Well wouldn’t that be awkward:
    man:I’m engaged! Buddy:Is that legal?
    man: Yeah, why wouldn’t be? Buddy:Aren’t you gay?

  8. “Frogga cross road for beautiful girls. Ribbit!”

  9. Wow like Lenny from “Of Mice & Men”.

  10. “Frogga not. But Frogga hope you are, because Frogga need some rest.”

  11. “Frogga no like woah men. Frogga like girls.”