SOD.227 – Pirate Robot

18 Responses to SOD.227 – Pirate Robot

  1. Oooohhhhh… can the head be in “Body > Mech?” The “energy hook” is a nice touch. Hard to pull off in a black and white drawing. It’s a small sketch, after all.

    Ha! Made you groan.

  2. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Now we have to see a clash between cowboy ninja and the robot pirate. it would be EPIC. Challenge awaiting response Jeff?

  3. Cowboy Ninja vs. Pirate Robot? YES, PLEASE!!!! Awesome!

  4. AMAZING!!!

  5. YES! Epic geekness firing on all thrusters, Captain Hebert!

  6. Dude, where’s the cyberparrot?

  7. I’ve seen some awesome stuff, but this is EPIC!!!!!! Nicely done my friend.

  8. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    also would love to see this guy under companions/humanoid. Great work ye scurvy rumrunner

  9. What you guys need to do now is encourage Jeff to put this together as his costume for Dragon*Con…!

  10. Avatar spidercow2010

    The one eye is a nice touch. Is at least one of his robo-legs made of wood?

  11. A few comments:

    1) That’s just out of this world.
    2) Cyber-Pirate vs. Ninja-Cowboy? HELL YEAH!
    3) Cyber-Pirate vs. Ewoks? YEAH!

  12. Eh, eh, i’ve made a HM3 rendition of the character :

  13. Avatar William A. Peterson

    High-tech, or no high-tech, the Cowboy Ninja would kick this thing’s Arse! 😀

  14. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Cowboy ninja versus robot pirate! Who is…The Deadliest Warrior!

  15. MMMMMMM implausible awesomeness.(done like homer simpson.)

  16. I want that helm as an option, just a thought.

  17. epic and awesome!!!

  18. @ Danny (14) Where’s the warrior submission form for the game? I think it’s time we start ‘er up!