Villain catchphrase fail

(From "Colossal Features" number 3, 1950.)

8 Responses to Villain catchphrase fail

  1. “wait for baby”? That’s the best you can think of bandana-man#2?

  2. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Nobody puts baby in the corner of the panel.

  3. Dude, seriously, if that’s what you’re going with, turn in your gun. You’re going to hurt yourself with it one of these days.

  4. Guys its an acronym, Big.Ass.Brutish.Yemenian(someone from yemen.)

  5. “And get this cloth nappy off my face! I want it on my bottom.”

  6. Myro (3): Very nice. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I think he was a little early for the casting of Dirty Dancing.

    You know his partner’s thinking “Damn, I really should have had a better interview session for partners on this deal.”

  7. Wow these two are waaaay too close!

  8. “Baby, come to daddy”
    “Daddy’s come to baby”
    “Waiting for…”
    “The Lightning Man”
    “To strike”

    – Nitzer Ebb, “The Lightning Man”