Next on Double Entendre Theater

(From "Heroic Comics" number 26, 1944.)

9 Responses to Next on Double Entendre Theater

  1. Lol. Lolololol. Made my morning that did!

  2. Avatar Hammerknight

    You just couldn’t PASS this one up Jeff.

  3. After a wild night with Rainbow Boy, no doubt.

  4. With all the problems this comic had (the costume, “rainbow boy”) you would kinda expect stuff like this by now.

  5. Jeff, I think you need to have a segment of just Double Entendre Theater!

  6. Never thaught this guy could get more gay

  7. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Thanks. Now I have to go shower all the gay off of me.

  8. Since I’m apt to being the killjoy in such situations, I would like to request we tone down the gay references. We are a varied bunch from all different backgrounds and I would hate to think someone who is gay would be uncomfortable hanging out on the Hero Machine forums.


  9. I would heartily endorse dblade’s comment. Dan (7) and punkjay (6), I’d particularly appreciate it if the two of you would tone it down.