HM3: Oriental Fan

I've just added the following prize for Iago Valentine's Character Contest 55 prize, an open Oriental fan now available in "ItemRight-Miscellaneous":

As usual, you may have to clear your browser's cache for it to show up if you've recently loaded that set.

18 Responses to HM3: Oriental Fan

  1. Now I really wanna take two of them and make wings on an old-fashioned hero!

  2. Its like Christmas every day!

  3. Avatar Iago Valentine

    Looks awesome! Thanks Jeff.

  4. Playing around with masking designs onto the fan. Be nice if we had an actual Chinese dragon insignia, but I tried whatever looked closest.

  5. Glad you like it, Iago!

    And that’s a nice effect, Myro, thanks for posting it. I left the patterning area off the … are those “struts”? The wooden bits, anyway, so it would look more like the patterns were just printed on the interior fan portion.

  6. Jeff (5): That’s what I was going for. I placed a second copy of the fan over the first, and dropped the alpha for the fan part so only the spokes were visible. That’s actually not unusual for most fans.

  7. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Neet addition, where would a Geisha be without one! I could see it doubleing for a type of adjustable sail on a boat as well.

  8. Myro, you shouldn’t have to do that — if you just mask something to the fan the masked object shouldn’t show on the struts, no?

  9. Ahh, I see what you meant. Yeah, I did get that effect when I masked the dragon on, but since I never masked the yellow circle onto the fan, I ended up doing what I did. Either way, I would have had to make a second fan. Oh well. But yes, I did notice how the dragon only masked onto the fan parts, and not the wooden parts.

  10. @Myro: Here is my version of that fan

  11. Awesome fan/sail/wings!!!

  12. Kaldath (10): Yeah, it occured to me much later to try using the Drogon whip instead. That turned out nice.

  13. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Might make for an interesting Umbrella top or pinwheel as well.

  14. Oh nice umprella MMI. But the design i find not so good.

  15. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Kytana (15) Ow well, considering it took less than a minute to do, including posting it to this blog, I don’t expect it would impress to many people. 🙂

  16. @MMI (13): Cool. You should consider saving out the text file on the umbrella and putting it in the
    HeroMachine 3 Custom Item Archive section of the forum.

  17. Oh, nice item !

    Thanks to both, Iago and Jeff 🙂