Hm3: Wrestlemania!

I've just uploaded to Headgear-Masks the following wrestler mask (in two parts in case you want to use just the designy part on top of some other item) the following two Wrestle-tastic pieces for Galactic Ketchup's Caption Contest 82 win:


9 Responses to Hm3: Wrestlemania!

  1. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Cool. OK is it posible to seperate out one more piece as well? In particular remove the eye’s so the pattern around them is available just by itself?

    Just a thought.

  2. I second MMI’s suggestion.

  3. I think someone’s been watching a little too much Nacho Libre. Either that or you’re just a big Rey Mysterio fan.

    All joking aside, it looks pretty good, though I have to agree with MMI and Worf thinking that wou might want to separate the eyes and the central design into two distinct pieces.

  4. Time to conjure up some luchadores!

  5. just imagine seeing the phrase: Heromachine 3 Wrestle mania in lights

  6. Looks like rey mysterio to me too. looks good.

  7. It’s actually Mistico who nows wrestles as Sin Cara (no face) for WWE

  8. Playing around with some of the items recently added. What you think peep’s?

  9. Avatar GalacticKetchup

    Thanks Jeff, it looks great πŸ˜€