HM3: Swordbreaker

Black Griffin wanted an Italian Sword-Breaker as his prize for winning Caption Contest 77, a very cool looking item I'd never heard of before. This beauty is now available in ItemRight-BladesTwo:

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  1. Awesome Jeff, I like the design and everything.

    Off-topic: Do you know if there’ll be more additions to the heavy weapons section Jeff? As I understand, Mark might be to busy to finish the different suggestions that we posted some time ago? Not to rush things or anything, but it seems that HM3 is getting closer and closer to being finished, so I wondered if there’s any estimate on this small project.

  2. Solander, I’m not sure what’s going on with that set. Before the app is “done”, though, if Mark hasn’t finished it I’ll get what he has and wrap it up. Might not be for a bit, but unless something catastrophic happens I won’t leave it hanging.

  3. One thing id love to see in that section is a shoulder mounted missile pod kinda like what war machine has if not a little bigger i had a good robot idea and that was one of the things but creating it just doesnt work as well as youd think

  4. @CKnap: Check the Shoulder Right section. There’s something similar to what you’re talking about there.

  5. yeah iv seen that before, its close but i dont know it didnt give the feel i wanted it has the big point in the middle, i even tried using it and making my own but that one is kinda limited, if it cant be added in then i dunno ill come ip with something, just hoping for it is all

  6. I wish we had this in the last contest. Italian condottieri had some nasty ideas for weaponry, including this rather sweet parrying dagger.

  7. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    I see you made it sectional as well. That’s great as it adds a lot of flexibility.

  8. MMI (7): Yes, I suppose you could use the teeth on the back of the dagger as a decorative roof-top facade.

    Ooh, I’m going to have to.remember that one in the future.

  9. Now see, using that as a roof decoration would’ve never occurred to me. That’s what I love about you guys – you’re inspiring!

  10. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Hmm Myro; a roof facade, never thought of that.

    Although if you turn it 180 degrees it would make a good set of Merlon’s and Crenel’s for a castle wall’s battlements. Layered properly it might make for soe scale mail armor as well.

  11. Thats cool looking and different too

  12. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Also if you elongate the pommel and turn it 90 degrees it will make for ornate table legs.

  13. Very cool design. And I’ll jump on the bandwagon with an alternate use: mask the blade on to a neck to make a cool choker necklace.

  14. I’m seeing columns for an Arabic-style palace with that blade.

  15. And I see, perhaps, a heraldic device in those scallops. πŸ™‚

  16. Maybe a decorate belt. And that handle will make a nice column, I think.

  17. Avatar spidercow2010

    And it’s handy for making decorative garnishes on an antipasto plate.

  18. Never heard of a sword-breaker? My, don’t we lead sheltered lives. ;9

    This is the ultimate in main-gauche. A weapon designed specifically to disarm not just parry.

    I like the decorative hilt. Excellent addition. I bet it can grate a mean cheese, too.

  19. Somebody’s been doing a bit of reading on swords and blades. It is a good book, though.

  20. Playing around with some of the items recently added. What you think peep’s?

  21. Tool, please don’t spam multiple threads with the same exact message. That’s really annoying.

  22. oh so sorry, i was just showing what i made on different post with different items. will log that to memory though ok, thanks.

  23. @tool: I think your evil clown is cool, I think the fantasy items and the tech aspects really work together. I think that dark grey it a little dark to put near the warm purple, maybe a lighter grey or a light blue would look better. Just my humble opinion.

  24. Also the blade portion would make interesting fensing too.

  25. Thanks punkjay, I like to look at other peoples stuff and like to get feed back on my own. I am trying to decide what to put up for this next critque but I appreciate the input. I will try that and see how it comes out. When i saw the blade and smile I just thought evil robot clown lol.