Poll Position: Your favorite

We've been spending a lot of time talking about "Greatest Evers" in the course of the superhero genre. But we all have a soft spot for a character that we know might not be "The Greatest", yet whom we love anyway. For me, it's The Flash. I know he's kind of a one-trick pony, and I know the history of the men who've worn the suit is spotty at best. Nonetheless, something about the combination of costume, the time in my life when I was reading them, and the simplicity of Barry Allen combined to make him my favorite.

That's what this poll is about -- the character who might not, in some abstract sense, be "The Greatest" but who is still your favorite anyway.

I'm leaving it open for you to add your own answers if you like, but please don't abuse them or I'll have to (again) delete the response.


Tell us who you picked and why they're your favorite!

("Power Lightning Vomit GO!!" image © DC Comics.)