Bitten by a radioactive envelope, perhaps?

(From "Atomic Bomb" number 1, 1942.)

20 Responses to Bitten by a radioactive envelope, perhaps?

  1. Delivering justice, except on Sundays!

  2. Battling their arch-enemies FED-EX, E-MALE and THE FAX!

  3. Communications-based superhero? Goodness gracious, I could have an alter ego here. “She is… the Networker!”

  4. Oh come on. I’ve seen corny comics before, but this must be some kind of record.

  5. Panner: Oh it gets better.

  6. Jeff (5): This I have to see.

  7. So does stampy go on airmale’s back?

  8. Someone is “Going Postal”…

  9. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Even though they were pushing the envelope, I hate to give that my stamp of approval.

  10. Air Male and Stampy, appearing now in an all-musical production of “We’re Licked!”, featuring their hit single, “Happy To Be Stuck On You”!

  11. Stampy can take a lickin’ and Airmale is always a day late.

  12. This issue: Beware of the Philatelist

  13. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these heroes from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, with exception of small barking dogs and holidays!”

  14. Who else can send criminals to jail?

  15. Air Male and Stampy!?! And there arch enemy Snail Mail!

  16. he is the scrawniest super hero i have ever seen. He needs
    Mr. Muscle’s Steroid stash!

  17. Judging from the fact that I’ve never heard of these guys, I’m guessing Air Male and Stampy got cancelled and sent to the dead letter office pretty quickly.

  18. Airmale promises to handle your fragile package with utmost professionalism. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  19. Love that white bath towel stripe on his baby blue cape.

  20. Hey Reader Kate! don’t you think they look like they’re 5 yrs old playing Superman?