As if math weren’t painful enough already

(From "The Thing" number 1, 1952.)

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  1. You need to joke around with your professor or it will sap your life. Believe me, I would know, I’m trying to complete my final exam. HM also helps some sanity stay within 😀

  2. “It’s Computin’ Time!”

    I just saw that it was from “The Thing #1,” and I couldn’t resist. And yes, I realize that 1952 pre-dates Ben Grimm by a little over a decade.

  3. “Hmmm. Well, let me take a look at your findings, Dr. Riko, maybe I could help. …….Well, here’s your problem, you forgot to divide by Korean War. There, the formula should work now.”

  4. So my next math question is WWI divided by WWII times Vietnam War=… Oh darn i forgot to add the Korean War! SHOOT! Where is Dr. Riko when you need em’!

  5. Avatar Dr. Shrinker

    This is why mathematicians should have historians check their work.