Character Contest 60: Revamp 2.0

Your character design challenge for this week is to take a character designed originally in HeroMachine 2 and redesign it using HeroMachine 3. You'll need to explain your concept behind the redesign, why you made the choices you did and why you think they're an improvement. In other words, this isn't just remaking the exact same character's look using a new version of the software, it's taking the concept of the character and updating it with your own vision.

You can choose one of your old designs if you like, or you can choose any one from the HeroMachine Facebook page. Why the Facebook page? Because I am still hell-bent on catching up to UGO's fan numbers, that's why! So if you aren't already a fan of my page there, please take a moment to do so even if you're not using an image from the Photos archive.

Edited to Add:
OK, I think I am not being clear here.

The point of this is not to recreate the character in version 3. The point is to take an existing character and redesign it completely. Like when Iron Man went from the big gray tank armor to the silver and gold. Like when Superman went from the red-and-blues to the blue lightning bolt costume. Like when Spider-Man went from the red-and-blues to the black.

Your mission here is to reimagine a character, as if you were an artist working for DC or Marvel and your editor came to you and said "Hey, we're relaunching 'The Black Terror' but we need to completely redo it. Come up with something cool."

The goal is not to see how close you can get to making something done in HM2 look exactly the same, only done in HM3.

Now, how do you tell if an image is from HeroMachine 2? It's easy -- there's only one pose and it looks like this for the male:

And like this for the female:

They're all three-quarters' view with the left arm tucked up behind the torso and the hand jutting off horizontally.

The contest rules are the same as usual, except in addition to a link to your main entry, I'll also need a link to the 2.0 design you're revising.

  1. Use only a HeroMachine applet (no PhotoShopping except for basic cropping) to create a PNG or JPG of your entry, named as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  2. Post the image to a publicly accessible website (ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, etc.).
  3. Enter the name of your entry and a link directly to the image in a comment to this post. The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest.
  4. The link to your image should go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  5. I'll choose a winner next Monday, who will receive his or her choice of any item or a portrait to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program, or a "Sketch of the Week" style black and white illustration (you pick the subject and I draw it up however I like).

No limit on entries this week, so knock yourselves out. Good luck everyone!

244 Responses to Character Contest 60: Revamp 2.0

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Can we put them side by side in another program and post them as one link?

  2. Frevoli says:

    Hmm, well I’ve already used a few 2.0 characters in past contest… but I’ve got plenty more

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, you can put them side-by-side. That’d actually be pretty nice.

    Frevoli, you can use a character from a previous contest as your basis, since the 2.0 character is just the starting point. The actual entry is the revamp.

  4. maniacmick says:

    ok so here’s Iron Law HM 2 version

    and here’s the update, I went for a more obvious western look and relied less on spandex

  5. logosgal says:

    Probably a dumb question, but HM 2.5 characters are okay, too, right?

  6. Frevoli says:

    yeah Jeff, I meant that I’ve already used a few 2.0 revamps (such as Locust assassin)… but I’ve still got a few to work on

  7. ThePerfectTense says:

    Urm… What if I never made something on HM2?

    Well, to tell you the truth I did, but it would take me ages to find the link.

  8. Hammerknight says:

    Here is an update to one of the members of a Cavalry Unit in one of my stories. I have been meaning to update all of my characters but didn’t have time until now. The reason for the update is that with HM3 we can make the characters more life like, we have more choices now on the type of clothing and we are able to move thing around the way we want to.

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    ThePerfectTense, as I said in the post, you don’t have to use one of yours, you can pick any one from the Facebook photo archives.

    Sometimes I wonder why I bother even writing out the rules.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Logosgal, yes, any 2.x version is fine.

  11. The Eric says:

    Who are those four guys, the Smug Knights? 😛

  12. ams says:

    Here Is NEMESIS HUNTER 2.0:

    And the update 3.0:

    This character, who is the bounty hunter/vigilante type, was one of my favorites to revision to heromachine 3. I like the way the 2.0 design has the total brown uniform and how I made the eyes red to pop out. When creating the revision, I wanted to keep the color design, but change the pose to make the character more dynamic. I also customized his guns to make them more personable to the character. And with the better accessory selection with clothes and military items, I was very pleased with the end result.

  13. unknownblackpaper says:

    Okay, I read all the rules, but a question please. Say that I have no characters from HM 2.x. and nothing from the facebook page appeal to my creative spirit. Could I make a character from the current 2.5 version, then revamp it? Sorry for the trouble, but I just want to be clear.

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    unknownblackpaper: I’d rather not. The intent of the contest is to act as if you were an artist given the assignment to revise an existing character. If you create something and then ten seconds later revamp it, that’s a different thing altogether.

    If there’s nothing on the Facebook page that appeals, you can try going through the UGO Forums’ Hero Archives, there’s a ton of stuff in there.

  15. unknownblackpaper says:

    Okay, thank you Jeff

  16. Runt82 says:

    @Jeff #15:

    Shouldn’t they ask for the creator’s permission first?

  17. Jeff Hebert says:

    Runt82 (17): We talked about this a bit on the Facebook page, but the short answer is, no. Even though the creator owns the concept of the character, they don’t own any configuration of items within the HeroMachine itself.

    It’s a bit of a gray area I admit, but come on, if you’re (and that’s a generic you, not specifically you Runt82) using HeroMachine to bring your imagination to life and you have a problem with someone else using it to show their take on your idea, then that’s incredibly lame.

    None of us are DC or Marvel here, hiring lawyers to be ass-holes for us. Relax and enjoy seeing a different take on something you came up with. No one is claiming to own the character you came up with, we’re just using it as a springboard for further creativity.

  18. Tori says:

    If the original wasn’t made by us, around how much can we change it? I mean overall design, not like colors and other little things.

  19. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, I think I am not being clear here.

    The point of this is not to recreate the character in version 3. The point is to take an existing character and redesign it completely. Like when Iron Man went from the big gray tank armor to the silver and gold. Like when Superman went from the red-and-blues to the blue lightning bolt costume. Like when Spider-Man went from the red-and-blues to the black.

    Your mission here is to reimagine a character, as if you were an artist working for DC or Marvel and your editor came to you and said “Hey, we’re relaunching ‘The Black Terror’ but we need to completely redo it. Come up with something cool.”

    The goal is not to see how close you can get to making something done in HM2 look exactly the same, only done in HM3.

  20. Tori says:

    Oh, Sorry, that was a stupid question. I understand now, thanks. 🙂

  21. Runt82 says:

    @Jeff #18:

    I have no problem with someone trying their hand at my creations. I’ve let others share their takes on some of my characters (well, I say some, when it was just one time and AMS did it). But, I differ on the view of ownership of the characters. Everyone puts a little of themselves into creating their characters, so there is a little bit of connection to them. I just figure it would be a little courteous to ask first or give a “heads up” before they did it.

  22. Jack Zelger says:

    OK, over on the Facebook page we have OmeGirl, aka Power Station, as created by Roger Anthony Walrond (thanks for the inspiration):

    I originally intended to be more faithful to the original design, but I started tweaking things and made more major changes. I’m also using the scientific spelling of the word, “Ohm”, instead of Roger’s phonetic spelling, mostly because I forgot it was different. 🙂

  23. Asder says:

    I borow this one from Jester, in the first place because i really really really like it(and i mean it), and because it looks like he could bring hell to the earth.

    original by Jester

    What i did was take it to the XXIII century whit lots of heavy and long range artillery, and i also improve the blunt and the shield that were in the original image.

  24. SeanDavidRoss says:

    Well, this contest is pretty easy for me to enter, I already have three of these conversions done. For various reasons, I can’t rename the files to use the contest naming convention. Anyway, here’s the one I think has turned out best (I’d had more experience using HM by this point, and I had some help from one of the Open Critique Days):

    The others are:


    The last one can’t be a contest entry as I used Gimp to help make the fur for the HM2 version.

  25. Tori says:

    Ok, Here’s my first entry, and this is the first contest I’ve entered too. SO I hope I didn’t so something wrong.

    I’ll probably add one or two more later. 🙂

  26. Jeff Hebert says:

    I do agree that it would be courteous to check in first.

    I also absolutely hold that you own the concept of your character. If someone wants to try and make a copy of your character in HM and then tries to publish a comic claiming the character is theirs, sue the pants off of them — your character is yours. Period.

    HOWEVER, as it exists solely within the confines of HM, it’s NOT yours. It’s MY collection of art assembled in a certain way. I don’t own your ideas even though you used my art to illustrate it, and you don’t own my collection of items even if they happen to exactly match the illustration you made.

    We should probably have a larger discussion of this in another thread.

  27. Dionne Jinn says:

    Ahh… A competition that suits me just fine, since my first ever HM3 creation was a revamp for my RPG character I was never happy with. Let me introduce Arrietty Zelganis, a zabrak noble from a Star Wars role-playing game “The Beginning Empire”:!/photo.php?fbid=215879391762831&set=a.201686679848769.61050.100000223159388&theater

    After finding my way to HM3 first thing for me was to redesing that forementioned monstrosity into something better. And here she is, completely redone:!/photo.php?fbid=215879375096166&set=a.201686679848769.61050.100000223159388&theater

  28. Myro says:

    Jeff, how drastic a redo are we actually talking here? For example, when I redid one of my characters some time ago, I actually did a near-complete redo (for the sake of argument, we’ll call this my first entry, even though this isn’t something I’d expect to win) of War Demon that does look quite different from my original, and yet still fitting into the theme of what I was trying to create:

    War Demon 2.X

    War Demon 3.0

    But for the first actual entry I wanted to do, I redid UltraViolet here, and really, other than a couple minor stylistic changes (mostly to color), it’s really the same costume.

    UltraViolet 2.X

    UltraViolet 3.0 (possibly subject to change)

  29. Gero says:

    I can’t see either of Dionne’s. Gives me a page saying I need to log into facebook, which I can’t really do without a facebook page…

  30. Dionne Jinn says:

    Sorry about that Gero (29), but I can’t help it. They were both in Finnish Star Wars Fan Fiction Wiki, but the main ShoutWiki server has been down for over two weeks now and I can’t access those shots. FB is my only solution and it doesn’t really work well for this. Sorry…

  31. Jeff Hebert says:

    Gero, this is all part of my evil master plan to have you sign up for Facebook and to “Like” my HeroMachine page!

  32. CPrime says:

    This one is totally mine!

    This was the first thing I ever created on Hero Machine:

    I give you the Delegate.

    And here he is in Hero Machine 3:

    Unlike my other HM2 updates, where I tried to make it look as close to the original as possible, with the Delegate I was never really happy with the whole four-square look. So I did a complete redesign, while of course keeping the red, white and blue color scheme. I gave him a much sleeker and modern look. There’s nothing like your first creation and this one is still one of my favorites.

  33. Etory says:

    My entry, sorry but there aren’t tiger texture in HM3 so I made a lion girl and not a tiger girl :

    the HM2.5 version :

    the HM3 version :

  34. Asder says:

    When i saw ¨Fire Dragon¨ i thought that i could get something really cool.


    I did something with the wings and the swords and tried not to change the outfit and stuff like that, but to change them in a better way

  35. Tori says:

    I just realized that I forgot to put the title for my first entry (26).
    So I renamed it, here’s the new link.

    And I also have another entry.

  36. punkjay says:

    I personally think asder is the best so far

  37. punkjay says:

    Hey Jeff i have a problem saving and posting my pics, if you can tell me how to do this I may have an entry once in a while

  38. Jeff Hebert says:

    Let us know what the problem is, Punkjay, and we can probably help you.

  39. Galactic Ketchup says:

    I feel kinda stupid, but I don’t know how to save my HM2.5 character as a .jpg file. =/

  40. Blue Blazer says:

    Oh, great. I’ve been doing this for the last year and a half. Now to start choosing.

  41. Frevoli says:

    Not sure how many I’ll do for this one (depending on how much time I have this week) but here’s the first.

    A crusading knight, who wished for knowledge, was cursed to absorb any and all text he came into contact with. He became the being known as Scripture.

    Here’s the first version I made, all that time ago

    And here is my revision of the character.

    I decided to drop the winged feet, extra arms and all that to instead home the character; The ousider, never aging (as words are immortal), he hides away, hunted for being different, never able to live the normal life he once, had centuries ago. (oh and if anyone’s thinking “Text absorbtion? That’s a dumb power” Well it is… but he’s also got the standard slightly-better-than-normal speed, strength and reflexes package)

    Here’s a further image, of the two side-by-side

  42. punkjay says:

    my problem is i can save the character on the net, but only online i can’t transfer it to my computer to make a link to it

  43. Blue Blazer says:




    I know it’s not a huge change from the original, but I’m glad for the change in color from eye-destroying to more tolerably subtle. And of course HM3 gave me the ability to create a much more menacing face.

  44. Blue Blazer says:




    Not too long ago I created a fictional government endeavor called Project: Patriot, in which various members of the Armed Forces are selected to wear different types of technological armor, each getting a different code name. I wanted to fluff out the ranks, and Protector seemed like a good candidate. Plus, the original was pretty lame.

  45. Blue Blazer says:




    Once again, the nigh-limitless advantages of HM3 swooped in and made it possible for me to REALLY improve a creation. Landfill started out as sort of a slimy human able to add garbage to his body to become bigger and stronger, but the new version enabled me to make him instead into a literal mound of trash without any human parts. Much cooler, I think.

  46. logosgal says:

    @Galactic Ketchup (40): To save the image of a HM 2.5 picture, take a screenshot (easiest way to do that is to use the little key that says “PrtSc” or “Print Screen” on the keyboard), then paste it into a program that will let you save the image.

    @punkjay (42): Do you have popups blocked? You need to allow them for “Export” to work.

  47. Jeff Hebert says:

    For anyone having trouble getting an image of your HM2.x character, check out this how-to guide (with thanks to Kaldath for pointing it out):

    Punkjay, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. If you have it on a computer online, you don’t need to also have it on your local computer … the whole point is to get it OFF your local computer and ONTO a networked one that anyone can access …

    All you have to do once you have an image is post it somewhere online. If you don’t have your own web space (most people don’t), use a free image host like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, DropBox, or even something like Facebook. They’re all free and super easy to use.

    Once you have it hosted somewhere online all you have to do is paste the link to it here.

    If I’m not understanding you, let me know.

  48. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh! If Logosgal is interpreting that correctly, she’s right — make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off. Then when you Export your HM3 character, you’ll get a pop-up asking what to call it and where to put it.

    Thanks for the translation, Logosgal!

  49. ajw says:

    In sixth grade i liked templar knights, so i made one on hero machine 2.5

    Right now im going to make a knight uniform for my figure with my family crest

    but before that here is the revamped templar

  50. The Imp says:

    I’m hoping stuff created with the older generators like Shakti Warriors are eligible for revamp; if so, here’s my first entry:

  51. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my revamp on a character called Nanite. As his name suggests, he is made of nanites. In HM2.X, I could only create a character using a limited amount of items, which meant he had to be mostly human. However with HM3, I can use various objects to make it look like he is actually made of nanites, which is better with HM3. HM3 also allows me to work with masking which allows me to create a more solid transition between man and nanite. I also picked a more normal shade of green because quite simply, the original hurt my eyes.

  52. logosgal says:

    Aw, just lost a couple hours’ work by hitting “load” instead of “save”! 🙁 (Sorry, had to vent. There’s not a way to get that back, is there?) Well, at least I have a more solid idea of what I’m doing now…

    Blue Blazer (44-46): Those are so cool! I think the new Jester is my favorite. I really like the Landfills, too. Great job!

  53. Blue Blazer says:





    Obviously the proportions are much more conducive to a child’s body in the HM3 version, but it’s also just a much needed change in the color scheme. It also coincides much better with his future costume.

  54. Ghost Monk:

    Going with the HM Facebook Page. Like most everyone else, I’ve already upgraded my HM 2.x characters to 3.0. Don’t want to flood the board. Plus, get to play with the new toys. 🙂

  55. Blue Blazer says:




    When I first created Rune on HM2, I didn’t create a bio, or even a power set for her. I just liked the consistency of the runic characters on her costume. When I updated her in HM3, I decided first to up her sex appeal by limiting the amount of clothing that covered her body, and then to run with the rune thing to a larger extent, making the symbols tattooed onto her body be the source of her power, and glow light blue when she uses them. I like the “barbarian meets Tron” look.

  56. Blue Blazer says:




    This one’s fairly self-explanatory. Those horrible pastels on the first version came about because I wanted to make Zephyr homosexual and went about creating his costume in a really ignorant way. The change just needed to happen on a variety of levels.

  57. The Imp says:

    Here’s a redesign of one of my first characters, the Amazon:

  58. Me, Myself & I says:

    This character may look familiar to anyone who has seen my profile recently. That is of course because it is the same character from a different perspective.

    These images represent a character I have been playing in a role playing game for some time. When first created in HM2 the character concept was brand new and the character was not yet very fleshed out. After a few years of playing the character he has obviously matured greatly. The original image, simply put, no longer cuts it.


    The new HM3 version is much closer to the actual character as he has developed. I’ve been wanting to redo the character for a long time but was waiting for HM3 to develop to a certain level before doing it. Due to the complexity of the knotwork and the hundreds of elements I needed HM3 to be more reliable before the attempt.


    There are a great deal of changes made but the following two have the greatest significance;

    1) The Celtic style knotwork is a very big part of this characters culture. Enough a part in fact that they’ve developed a language based on it. Therefor I felt the imagery was too important not to integrate it into the image.

    2) The character is a Cleric of his faith and having his holy symbol prominently visible (the crossed axes supported by the rope necklace) seemed like an important statement to make.

  59. MartianBlue says:

    Original by The Imp
    The Hexagon’s Red Arrow

    The Red Arrow, now The Crimson Bolt

    My update pulls the character into a more modern setting, while transforming the classic archer into more of a rogue type character. Her smaller wrist bow and bolts, although losing the long range aspect still allow for medium range, while adding close range combat combining her martial art abilities and enhanced reflexes with a short range bow. The hair covering half her face gives a more mysterious, almost hood-like quality to the character reinforcing the rogue archtype. So while she retains the ability to strike from a distance, you get a more personal connection with her close rang combat while reserving her mystique.

  60. unknownblackpaper says:

    I just want to say, this image is not perfect, but I after at least 6 hours, I want to be done.

    The Original H2 is Lara Magyar’s, “Jeanette, Ninja Liberian”!/photo.php?fbid=693680726587&set=o.267161975232&pid=36706793&id=48600047

    H3: Silence is Golden

    I love my double meaning with the “Silence is Golden” since both sides of this character work in silence.

    My concept for any image I submit is not just to give you a character, but an image, so this was a challenge for me since the goal was to re-vamp a character, not an image. However, I did my best.

    How did unknownblackpaper re-vamp it? Lara’s image showed an Liberian who wielded scythes. I update the look by making the character more like a modern day ninja, with the tight black suit and mesh on underneath. The overcoat she is wearing is the transition piece between ninja and librarian, since the story in my mind when creating this image is the character is making her final rounds before she goes out for the night to “ninja.” The nice coat is something she can easily put on if someone happens to pop in unexpectedly, and easy off for “ninja-ing.”

    I changed the hair style from the braided buns to a more “sexy librarian” look to give the character a bit more edge, but keep the glasses since the look would not be complete without, though they were push more down the nose for the sex appeal so to speak.

    Although a re-vamp, I tried to incorporate the elements that Lara original had, such as the fox on the book, and the skyline in the background though the window. I did created *twitch-jerk-twitch* a library scene as a background since she is a librarian by day.

    I am done. Thank you for those who take the time to read my explainable.

  61. unknownblackpaper says:

    I just want to say, this image is not perfect, but I after at least 6 hours, I want to be done.

    The Original H2 is Lara Magyar’s, “Jeanette, Ninja Liberian”!/photo.php?fbid=693680726587&set=o.267161975232&pid=36706793&id=48600047

    H3: Silence is Golden

    I love my double meaning with the “Silence is Golden” since both sides of this character work in silence.

    My concept for any image I submit is not just to give you a character, but an image, so this was a challenge for me since the goal was to re-vamp a character, not an image. However, I did my best.

    How did unknownblackpaper re-vamp it? Lara’s image showed an Liberian who wielded scythes. I update the look by making the character more like a modern day ninja, with the tight black suit and mesh on underneath. The overcoat she is wearing is the transition piece between ninja and librarian, since the story in my mind when creating this image is the character is making her final rounds before she goes out for the night to “ninja.” The nice coat is something she can easily put on if someone happens to pop in unexpectedly, and easy off for “ninja-ing.”

    I changed the hair style from the braided buns to a more “sexy librarian” look to give the character a bit more edge, but keep the glasses since the look would not be complete without, though they were push more down the nose for the sex appeal so to speak.

    Although a re-vamp, I tried to incorporate the elements that Lara original had, such as the fox on the book, and the skyline in the background though the window. I did created *twitch-jerk-twitch* a library scene as a background since she is a librarian by day.

    Why so I think this is an improvement? Her image portrayed a cute girl ready to battle. My re-vamping attempts to give her an older feel and more of a sexy undertone. Also, the idea of the ninja is more apparent in my image, with the blades and the tight black suit, where her’s is cute girl. Also, the reason I went though all the trouble creating the library *jerk-twitch-jerk* is emphasis she is a librarian and a ninja.

    I am done. Thank you for those who take the time to read my explanation. I hope the links work.

  62. unknownblackpaper says:

    Sorry Jeff! My computer hates me, please delete the first post!

  63. SeanDavidRoss says:

    Here’s a redesign a little more in keeping with the updated rules (not just a straight port over, but a somewhat changed costume). This one is called Klipspringer:

  64. Blue Blazer says:




    Fairly self-explanatory. I did the original in those horrible pastels because I was trying to create a homosexual character and that’s what my ignorant mind led me to. The new version could be worn by anyone of any orientation and isn’t so faaaaabulous.

  65. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1


    I love to create a scene or splash-page more than anything on HM3 so I took a character I came up with 5 years ago on HM2 and tried to ad a little action and scale that I never could get out of the old program. I also tweaked the costume a little 🙂

    HM2 version:

    HM3 version:

    side by side:

  66. Myro says:

    Okay, I’m resubmitting my first two entries, having no response from Jeff, which I will take to mean, “By all means, Myro, both submissions are fine.” Anyway, the old links no longer work, and I’m submitting them as combined pictures incorporating the old and new designs together (as many others have here).

    War Demon:

    War Demon was always meant to be a woman in a powersuit, a concept I don’t think was made readily apparent in the old HM2 version. Also, I wasn’t completely in favor of the face I originally did. While monstrous in nature, it, like much of the costume, looked too organic. By choosing more mechanical looking wings, more high-tech armor, different hooved feet that look like they could pass for artificial in nature, and a Kabuki-mask style faceplate, along with the circuit-board pattern on the tail, I think this brings out the power armor concept much better.


    I actually didn’t want to try too much to change UltraViolet, but some upgrading in the coloring scheme seemed in order. I used some deeper purple colors in the uniform, and changed the lion emblem (a carry-over from a unreleased previous costume) from a four-color comics yellow to a more metallic gold, as well as giving her a matching gold belt buckle.
    Also, I wanted to change the tone of the character. When I first created her, I made her seem much younger and cheerful, as she was less experienced than her teammates. However, when I wrote the character up later, I realized that she was more mature than I originally envisioned her, and decided to give her a more serious expression and mature hairstyle on the redo (as much as I loved her HM2 hair, the closest versions in HM3 didn’t seem to fit her anyway). Mostly, I really wanted to put her in a more dynamic pose, and made it more evident she was using psychic powers.

  67. Myro says:

    Also, I’d like to add, while I appreciate Jeff giving me motivation to finish the HM2 to HM3 upgrades to the remainder of my characters, I’m starting to find that being too close to my work might be holding me back from the major redo that he’s asked for. As much as I’m nervous about using someone else’s work, I may be forced to just to get the separation I need to really change it.

  68. Jadebrain says:

    Here’s the main character of the video game I’m brainstorming. His name is Maduhn, though that name is subject to possible changes (can anyone think of a fantasy-style name that says “I’m the main character?”)

    He’s obviously a rogue-type character. After being found as a baby in the woods by a mysterious wanderer (in actuality, the mysterious wanderer was the god Rusuficier, who formed Maduhn from a fragment of a fallen god, and brought him to Cambroisse in hopes of enacting an elaborate plan to revive said fallen god), he was given to a guard in the city of Cambroisse in the Kingdom of Milandria. As the guard was taking him to the orphanage, the guard was intercepted by the mayor of the city, who recognized the child as being a fragment of the fallen god (the mayor was actually a devil in disguise, and was in charge of reforming the fallen god as a devil), and ended up trying to kill the child. The guard narrowly escaped with Maduhn, having been aided by Ga’eid, the head of the local “Thieves’ Guild” (which was actually a group of people who were relocated to the slums and were placed under watch because they were deemed a threat to the mayor’s plan), and the guard, Ga’eid, and Maduhn made their way to the thieves’ guild, where the Maduhn would be safe. Afterward, Maduhn was adopted by Ga’eid, despite being of a different specie.

    Maduhn began training in many combat arts, such as fencing, boxing, wrestling, and various forms of knife-fighting, at the age of 4. He was also trained in the ways of the thief, such as pickpocketing, sneaking, climbing, lockpicking, palming, and other types of skills useful for a thief. Now at the age of 18, Maduhn is a skilled thief and combatant.

    Maduhn’s best friend, Ferasek, is ironically the son of the mayor who tried to kill Maduhn. Despite being of very different backgrounds, Maduhn and Ferasek could not be closer in friendship. The reason? Ferasek was also formed from a fragment of the same god that Maduhn was formed from, and even though the fragment was stolen by devils to be used to create an evil version of the fallen god, they were unable to corrupt its nature of good. Together, Maduhn and Ferasek are the two main characters of the video game I’m making.

  69. Pesky says:

    @ Tori (36): Nice revamp. I’m flattered you used one of my characters.

  70. Gero says:

    @Jeff32: NEVER! D:<

  71. Dionne Jinn says:

    Gero (73) I thought so once myself.

  72. Gero says:

    @Asder35: Congratulations, you win heromachine. Not just this contest, the whole thing…

  73. zaheelee says:

    I love this contest theme! I love thinking of new costumes for existing characters, and since I am on spring break and am bored out of my mind, I will probably submit a few more this week.

    Anyways, here is the original entry:
    Unfortunetally, I do not know her name, but since “XD” sounds kind of cool and it was in the very jumbled picture description, I am going to refer to her as that.

    Now, what I was trying to do with the revamp was to make a costume for a older, more mature XD, kind of like how they revamped Ahsoka’s costume in Star Wars: the Clone Wars. I also wanted to get rid of that nasty cyan arrow that clashes with the rest of the color schemes. So, without further ado, I give you the new and improved XD!–zaheelee.jpg

  74. zaheelee says:

    @Gero75: Agreed

  75. Blue Blazer says:

    Whoops, I accidentally posted Zepyhr twice. Didn’t think it had gone through properly the first time. Anyway…




    The color scheme of the team of which Saurian is a member changed, so his costume needed some updating. I also decided that the uniforms of this team didn’t need to be identical, just share common colors and all have the shield logo, so Saurian got his own unique look.

  76. Blue Blazer says:




    The most obvious change to Wallflower was the switch from male to female. At the risk of being controversial, Wallflower just didn’t seem like a very masculine super identity to me. But I also decided to change the way the suit worked, and it needed to have more of a mirror-like surface to render its wearer invisible.

  77. Tuldabar says:

    Now this: is of course a Jedi, my prefered work from HM 2.5. The color scheme is mostly black and grey, indicating his alignment. His skin tone is very dark, and he is heavily armored.
    For the re-vamp: I decided to use more warm colors in his outfit, lightened up his skin, added the Korriban backround, and eased up on the armor aspects. The straps are confusing, I’ll grant you, but this guy has gone through several open critique days to get to where he is.

  78. Rodimus Mike says:

    First entry – I took Sebastian Schattel’s ‘Son of Thor’ character (from Facebook) and revamped him a little. He gave off the grizzled warrior look so I brought down his age and made him more battle hungry. He’s now the uncontrollable son that stole Thor’s hammer, so they kicked him out of Asgard and let him go crazy on Earth, thus explaining why there are no more vikings.

  79. Lime says:

    Here is my first entry:

    In a long-forgotten lab under the many-times renovated biology building at Parker State University, Dr. Harold Francis worked for decades on secret genetics projects. When he was gruesomely murdered in the attic of the university library, the knowledge of the secret lab died with him.

    After a few days had passed without a visit from “Father,” Acelyn, the most intelligent of the experiments, realized she needed to leave the lab to find out what was wrong. She took her first steps into a world she had experienced only through television and books, and was in no way prepared for …

    My original design is pretty laughable. I guess I was determined to use a mouth with pointy teeth, and wound up using one that didn’t really go well with the eyes and eyebrows I used. I wanted her to look worried. I don’t know why she doesn’t have horns in the original; maybe I couldn’t make horns work with long hair? And I also don’t know why she has a gun. She doesn’t have one in the story, although maybe she should, considering there are “monster hunters” out to find her. (The doll in the new picture isn’t in the story either. I used it to try to emphasize that she is more vulnerable than threatening.)

    She’s dressed like a teenager in both pictures because she *is* a teenager, and she can only wear shirts that are cut low in the back in order to accommodate her wings. Which is unpleasant outside, since it is November in the story. I realize she doesn’t look terribly dissimilar overall; my goal was to make her more emotive and less stiff.

  80. Tori says:

    @ Pesky (72): Thanks! 🙂 I’m glad you like it.

  81. Me, Myself & I says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I think you should have two winners this go around. One for the best image and one for the most improved image. 🙂

  82. zaheelee says:

    I second that opinion! 🙂

  83. Firecracker says:

    Character story — skip it if you don’t care!

    KnightStick walks in perpetual darkness. Born deaf, at age 13 Kane Simmons lost his eyesight in a car accident. He also lost his mother, the driver of the car.
    His father, a cyberneticist, never had much need for the boy and Kane was an average student, the kind of kid most people overlook–or feel sorry for, until the day, at 15, when his father tried to make up for all the lost time with Kane by inventing super-enhanced eyes and advanced hearing devices for Kane. Almost immediately, Kane could make out shapes and noises, he was overwhelmed with joy and over time he developed the ability to “see & hear” like everyone else.

    A problem arose, one day, when the nanobots used in the creation of the “eyes & ears”, overloaded Kane’s cerebral cortex, grafted there, and hypersensitized his hearing and vision. The hypersensitivity almost drove him to madness. All the sounds and images in a one block area assaulted his mind. Unable to shut them out, his father quickly wisked him into a deprivation chamber in his laboratory where the world was shut off from Kane.
    Kane’s father worked day and night to reverse the process that had injured his child, finally achieving some success by “tuning down” Kane’s hearing and visual stimuli to a bare minimum. Even at this level Kane was almost constantly in pain, so Kane was fitted with external dampeners to help him cope with the flood of stimuli.

    Over the next 10 years Kane sought out doctors, psychologists and even monks in Tibet to help him balance the constant war within him. His success came with an unexpected side effect. All the training had actually allowed him to be able to focus his visual and listening ablilities into a kind of “sonar”. Now he fights on the side of good with the martial arts skills of the ancient monks.

    His tonfa, are made of a composite material which keep them light but super-strong. They are collapsible enough to be carried on his belt, but can telescope to a length to be used even for climbing and they have built-in, adjustable stun capabilities.

    Now a few years older Knightstick needed an upgrade — what his body could do was changing and so the costume needed to change too.
    I created a HM 2.X version as one of my first forum posts, then when HM 3 came along I created a newer version of the same thing. Now we’ve been challenged to “upgrade” the character — so this is what I’ve done.

    The first two links are the HM2&HM3 update the last link is the complete rehaul of the character. I got rid of the flashy colors and put in some body armor to absorb some punishment but I kept the weapons and the visor. Enjoy!

  84. unknownblackpaper says:

    third! 🙂

  85. Blue Blazer says:

    Disagreed. >:(

  86. dblade says:

    Darck Machine Revamp Meeting:

    Editor In Chief: Look, fellahs. Darck Machine isn’t selling like he use to. These kids these days want a dark hero with a bad attitude. Ideas. NOW!

    Writer 1: His family is killed by mobsters and he becomes an alcoholic.

    Editor In Chief: He’s a frickin robot so he aint got no family! GO GET SOME COFFEE! NEXT!

    Writer 2: Uh…uh…He…uh…gets possessed by a demon and becomes all bad ass and stuff.

    Editor In Chief: I’m listening…

    Writer 2:And…uh…we replace his hand with a big frakking gun.

    Editor In Chief: Demon robot with gun hand! WE GOT A WINNER!

    dblade notes: I decided to revamp Darck Machine because I thought he could use a little edge to his look. Plus I wanted to capitalize on his “Darckness” by tainting him with some good ole fashioned evil. I wanted to make the new version more memorable and I thought adding the demonic theme to his visuals might do the trick.

    Original art from Facebook:
    Cover Art:
    Close Up of Cover Art:
    Bigger Image of Darck Machine:

  87. superfan1 says:



    The Revamp completely changes the colors of the original; from orange and green to red and black, making him look more villainous overall. The wings have been removed as I deemed them unnecessary to the overall costume. The character has also been changed in order to illustrate his real power, seeing into the future, because in the old original, the rings around his hands just seemed to illustrate that he had a power, not necessarily what this power was. A background has also been added.

  88. Tori says:

    (84-86) I agree as well!:)

  89. MScat says:!/photo.php?fbid=1415593391184&set=o.267161975232&theater&pid=31015909&id=1273066299

    Im using “Rags”. I like the Scarecrow, Ragdoll, Robinhood mix of this one and wanted to revamp it.

    I call mine “The Caretaker”

    I wanted him to be kind of like the “Jeepers Creepers” creature (A monster that looks humanish but is actually a terrifying beast that will eat you.)

    I dont think iv ever done a character this dark before.

  90. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Original Agent Red:

    When I first discovered HeroMachine, I was going through an Underworld phase, so naturally a secret agent vampire was my first resort lol

    Agent Red Updated:

    I’ve went for a more tech-based look for my updated Agent Red, with the futuristic upper body armour and the robotic wings replacing the more demonic ones of the original HM. I’ve given him a different cloak which appears to sway in the wind, and the leg armour still works with the upper body armour while still maintaining a medieval style. I’ve given him grey hair in place of black hair in order to connect the two, suggesting that the update is an older version of the original. Also, the separated weapon parts allowed me to give him a more interesting sword.

  91. dblade says:

    Please delete or ignore 88. I revamped his look a bit.

    Darck Machine Revamp Meeting:

    Editor In Chief: Look, fellahs. Darck Machine isn’t selling like he use to. These kids these days want a dark hero with a bad attitude. Ideas. NOW!

    Writer 1: His family is killed by mobsters and he becomes an alcoholic.

    Editor In Chief: He’s a frickin robot so he aint got no family! GO GET SOME COFFEE! NEXT!

    Writer 2: Uh…uh…He…uh…gets possessed by a demon and becomes all bad ass and stuff.

    Editor In Chief: I’m listening…

    Writer 2:And…uh…we replace his hand with a big frakking gun.

    Editor In Chief: Demon robot with gun hand! WE GOT A WINNER!

    dblade notes: I decided to revamp Darck Machine because I thought he could use a little edge to his look. Plus I wanted to capitalize on his “Darckness” by tainting him with some good ole fashioned evil. I wanted to make the new version more memorable and I thought adding the demonic theme to his visuals might do the trick.

    Original art from Viictor at Facebook:
    Cover Art:
    Close Up of Cover Art:
    Bigger PNG Image of Darck Machine:

  92. dblade says:

    I meant delete 89. Sorry, Blue Blazer. I wasn’t gunning for you. Really! 🙂

  93. Gero says:

    @dblade95: Nice try, we all know you’re trying to sabotage the competition. 😉

  94. Tori says:

    Sorry if it’s a little dark, the resolution on my comp is weird…

  95. Zyp says:

    The original image is Rafael Flores Romero’s really cool Ojos Azules I picked up from the heromachine facebook page:

    And here’s my 3.0ed version of it:

    I really liked the colour scheme of the original and especially the deep red cape against dark clothes so I simplified the costume to draw a bit more attention to the that and to her face.

  96. zaheelee says:

    @dblade94: HOLY CRAP THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  97. dblade says:

    @Gero(96): What! I’m totally innocent!

    Psssss….Powers that be….I think (96) might need some deleting. No reason. Just taking up space is all.(whistles innocently… very innocently)

  98. dblade says:

    Psssss….and zaheelee (99) should be commended for excellent use of posting.

  99. Iflyte says:

    Alright, I picked my five favorite HM 2.5 characters of mine to re-invent, so, here goes…

    Entry 1: Living Water
    Sentient crime stopping H2O.

    HM 2.5:
    HM 3:

    Entry 2: Graverot

    HM 2.5:
    HM 3:

    Entry 3: 70’s Man
    On a more humorous note. I kept the missing hand in the 2.5 picture because ya’know these guys were always missing a hand and/or item.

    HM 2.5:
    HM 3:

    Entry 4: Blackhole

    HM 2.5:

    Entry 5: Fire Tree
    Originally called “Tree Man on Fire”
    He’s basically a mutant whose body turned into wood and he has the power to generate and control fire. Also, he can alter his fire to not harm nature, though, his powers are greatly weakened by doing so. I tried to depict this aspect of him with the burnt/ruined scene behind while he’s leaning against a tree with a bird on his shoulder.

    HM 2.5:
    HM 3:

  100. superfan1 says:




    first I changed his age, he looks considerably younger in the revamp. I kept the color scheme the same. I took off the cape thing on his chest and replaced it with flowing sleeves in the revamp. I also got rid of the staff, somehow i don’t think it would have looked quite right in the revamp version. I added rushing water in the background in order to demonstrate what he does. Also, i got rid of his shoes, i figured that since he’s like an elder god, in the sense that he can control water, he has no need for shoes. 😉

  101. superfan1 says:



    She Revamped:

    First, i got rid of the green in her shirt, it seemed unnecessary and distracting. I added capes on both her shoulders. I got rid of the shoes and added cuffs in order to emphasize her animalistic nature. I also added the belt…don’t know why just seemed like a nice touch.

  102. superfan1 says:

    *edit: on post 90 forgot to put the name of the character at the top. The name is: The Devil’s Seer

  103. Tori says:

    @ Iflyte (103): All of those are AMAZING! I’m starting to feel like mine are noob-ish compared to everyone else…

  104. zaheelee says:

    The first time I saw this image ( ) I thought it was absolutely AWFUL (no offense to the actual creator if he or she may still read this blog/ participate in character contests). I decided to revamp it just so everyone could see the potential this character has.

    First off, I eliminated the wings from her head and feet because they seemed unnessicary (really, she already has full sized wings, does she really need to look like Namor, too?). Second, I eased up on the color scheme and decided not to make her hair the exact same color as her shirt. And, third, I made her look like she had seen a few battles since the first picture was taken. So, drumroll please…–zaheelee.jpg

  105. dblade says:

    Hey. Now I just think someone is messing with me. (99) used to be Zaheelee’s post, which is now at (100). I swear!

  106. Myro says:

    In re: a second prize this week, I’m afraid I’m in disagreement. While I think MMI’s suggestion (84) is both clearly delineated and with merit, I wonder at the precedent this sets. This is Jeff’s show, so whatever he says goes, and Jeff’s adherence to his self-imposed rules follow a pattern of “firm but fair,” so I’m certain if he takes MMI up on the suggestion, he will take a firm hand with those members who try to bring up the point in future contests. But I do think there may be an element in the community that would argue for dual-prized awards on less meritorious contests in the future. After all, “you’ve done it before.”

  107. unknownblackpaper says:

    My worst free for this contest is for Jeff to tell me that I haven’t keep to the theme of this contest. Oh well.

    H2.x: Ojos Azules by Rafael Flores Romero

    H3: Blue Eyes (if my Spanish is correct)

    The Re-vamp: What I like about Rafael’s image is the idea of this blue eyed girl wielding lighting on this snowy plain. How I re-worked the character was enhance the elements she had. Expanded on the character’s cloak and added a hood. Added armor instead of a just a shirt, but chose the one with the fur trim to emphasis the winter setting. I liked the hood since it draws your attention to the character’s eyes, which the original image was named after, and the colors of the hood and cloak help the contrast of the darker tones.

    The Bindi on her forehead was not intended originally, but I think it helps bring out the blue in the character’s eyes and gives you something other then forehead to look at

    The story behind this is she who is “Blues Eyes” is sitting upon this tower causing all the chaos appearing in the image. I then added to close up to show all the details of the character herself.

  108. zaheelee says:

    dblade(109): maybe that is because, for some reason, my comment is “awaiting moderation” and has not been officially added yet? good catch, though.

  109. Myro says:

    dblade (108): If a post is awaiting moderation, it won’t show up, and the next post will take that number. When Jeff approves the post, that post jumps in when it was posted, shuffling everything else forward. I used to wonder about that too, until I saw what happened when my post was awaiting moderation.

  110. jason ransom says:

    Storm Crow.

    Stom Crow Revamped.

    As you can see, big difference. I put my own insig for my “exile” theme characters on her belt. added some pointy weapons cuz, well she needed them.I messed around with the headgear. The insig on her chest just didnt appeal to me so i changed that and made it a cut out for the kevlar, the legs and apat of the hips also have this kevlar pach.

  111. unknownblackpaper says:


    Last two entries I submitted had to “awaiting moderation.” I wonder what is up with that?

  112. dblade says:

    Maybe that’s why I originally thought (88) was the post that needed deleting. I might not be crazy after all. Thanks fellow Machinists.

  113. The Imp says:

    @Zyp (99): Wow. WOW!!!

  114. dblade says:

    Imp (114???): I’ll second that WOW! Actually there is a lotta WOW going around in this contest. Very cool theme to work with.

  115. Tori says:

    @ dblade (115): I third that!

    Here’s another, but this time I used one of my own characters.

  116. The Imp says:

    Here’s another revamp of one of mine, the assassin Shadowjack.

  117. Mysterious Zed says:

    First of all i recently just deleted all of my hm2 stuff so i went to the Facebook page and picked this pic
    Now, i hope i followed the contest rules and such properly and i’m worried it might not be right but oh well here it is

  118. jason ransom says:


    Hecate revamped.

    Worked with the coreset and just detailed it up. the cape i wanted a translucent look to micic ember illumination, all in all it gave the feeling of heat. the face and hair was to plain, i mean the description the orig creator gave is really what helped me develop the revamp. the character loves fire so i thot it was nesessary to give her hair a fire dye job. as for the face, well she plays with fire alot so i fig hey why not give her a burn scar to show that fire really cant be controlled.

  119. Me Myself & I says:

    Myro (109) my thoughts regarding this suggestion were that there are a lot of really great images here that are really good images but not really re-designing the original much while other’s have re-designed the original greatly but may not be the most spectacular image. I get the impression that there are two main ways that people are interpretting the contest, almost as if they are entering two different competitions.

    I only mentioned it as a whim really, so I don’t really care much either way. Really in the end it is up to Jeff to interpret as he sees fit.

  120. Gero says:

    This was on the first page of Jeff’s link to the fan page. The original was a cavalry-ish character by Emanuel:

    For my remake, I changed the colour scheme to one more like a real old west cavalry officer, and changed the sword from a rapier to a sabre. I also switched which fire arm was holstered:

    And a headshot:

  121. jason ransom says:

    Death naught.

    Death naught revamped.

    Ok, so death naught orig was gonna be this bad-ass droid that does nothing but kill. When i revamped him i turned him into cyborg. i changed the weapons mostly cuzyou can never have enough blades, as for acctual guns i wanted a war machine “esk” type gun so that stuck and i just messed with it. the other gun is a satilite based gun and “gps” combo. what i like best is the fact that i could blades anywere i want or feel were they would be more useful if death noaught could really operate, that and the more human aspect too!

  122. Lime says:

    Alas for poor Mr. Clank! My automaton was designed to assist me in my business affairs with gentlemen. He was civil to ladies and kind to children. But now, now! Some scoundrel has absconded with my creation, and re-purposed poor Mr. Clank into a knave bent on crime! Oh, who could do such a thing?

    … Do you hear something on the balcony?

  123. jason ransom says:

    Ash and Ash revaped.

    Iv had the oldversion of ash saved on my ext hard drive for a long time and decided hey ill revamp him. now what was a huge improvement was the giant-ass ax he has, in HM2.0 you could not change sizes of things. The gun had to go cuz orig he was a guy who had the abillity to vomit hott embers and ash, but after thinking about i totaly changed that….he now is a cursed being of destruction, his skin is made of ashes and when he uses his power of destruction the ash comes off and starts spewing embers and molten chunks of body out of him, then scorching winds swirl around him burning and destroying everything…then he rises from the ashes he once created. now with HM3 i could really capture the feeling of destruction he causes by creating backrounds. i could also show the “ashy” look ofhis body. with combination of many layers from one group i was able to really work on his attire.

  124. Tori says:

    Another from one fro one of my old characters.

    The Mercenary:

  125. Tori says:

    ‘another from one of my older characters’ *Facepalm* this is why I shouldn’t be posting at 1:00 A.M….

  126. Tori says:

    And yet another, but this one I found on photobucket, so the credit for the original design goes to whoever made it.

    Elven priestess:

  127. The Imp says:

    Fourth and probably last entry. This is the biggest redesign of my four, I think. Besides the obvious sex change, this character went from a kind of pulp 1930s swashbuckler to a more grim valkyrie-like figure.

  128. Myro says:

    MMI (118): I see where you’re coming from, after all, I’ve only got two entries up so far, and they each fall into one of those two categories (although, to be fair, my massive redo was not initially intended to be a contest entry anyway. I may be reading too much into the whether my other entry is any good, but I’m pretty happy with the results). It wasn’t a bad suggestion to make, but I’m kind of playing Devil’s Advocate (except that I’m in a state of actual disagreement).

    Besides, I tend to get debate-y on Tuesdays. Usually I take it out on the Poll Position feature, but I wasn’t feeling it this week.

  129. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 2


    born on a planet that orbits a white dwarf star The criminal Flash-freeze was sent out into the vastness of space when his people didn’t know what else to do. Earth now suffers at his icy touch. the old HM2 version didn’t look right, I am glad now I get to revisit these characters.



  130. Myro says:

    I’ve decided to take a break from updating my own HM2 pictures to take a crack at one of the ones I found on Facebook. No name was actually given on the picture, but the caption on Facebook said “Fire,” which is what I guess her name is.

    Basically, I’ve toyed around with using flames on HM on a couple other projects, and I wanted to take a crack at really using what I’ve learned as a central concept to the creation. Also, I like working with female characters, so this one appealed to me.
    I’ve decided to make her look more human (people unconsciously have problems relating to characters that exhibit non-human characteristics), but still leave her an exotic non-human appearance, which was in her eyes and skin tone. I liked that, whether intentional or not, the flames were not affecting her clothes in the HM2 version, so with some clever layering, I managed to keep her shirt and pants above the flame aura that’s consuming the rest of her body. I tried to keep in the spirit of clothes (the original creator, Wench, deliberately made the colors contrast to the flames), and keep them feminine, but avoided the tie-dyed spiral shirt, and instead gave her a rose emblem pastel pink t-shirt, and after deciding against the shorts selections in HM3, gave her full length jeans, but left her bare-foot like in the original, thus giving her a more modern, yet still carefree, clothing choice.
    The background was mostly symbolic, meant to complement the fire powers of the character, while simultaneously giving color contrast between the character and her surroundings.

  131. ams says:

    @ Zip(99) – That is a “WOW!!!” pic. Your revision looks like a splash page from a comic book. BRAVO!

    Looking at all the entries so far, to me, it seems that the 2.0 versions are “Golden Age” characters and that 3.0 are the “Modern Age”! I hope Heromachine 2.0 still gets supported in the future because it still gives us awesome pics. I actually still use 2.0 when I get dry for ideas.

  132. Jason22274 says:

    Silly question here, I understand that the HM3 entry cannot be edited outside of the program, but what about the HM2 “inspiration” image, especially if the changes are minor?

  133. Frevoli says:

    Lime (127) Clank is my favourite character of the contest (not including Scripture) – the classic story of the scientist and his creation, like a steampunk frankenstein…. sort of

  134. SeanDavidRoss says:

    I made a version of my entry at (66) that’s closer to the original. I realize the contest is about ‘revamping’, but I actually prefer this original costume, so I thought I’d share:

  135. Rodimus Mike says:

    Sakumo Hatake’s (from Facebook)’Fire Dragon’.

    After the revamp he’s a burn victim who was part of a secret experiment by the Dragon Corporation. He wakes up still feeling the pain from the fire, and after seeing his body replaced with mechanical limbs, loses his mind and ravages the surrounding areas in a fiery blaze.

  136. Me, Myself & I says:

    Myro (134) its all good; I’m actually glad you are playing Devil’s Advocate. I like to make sure idea’s are well thought out before implementing. I find that many ideas put forth in our society lack debate or critical thinking so I often fall into the Devil’s Advocate role myself. The actual oppinion of each individual is not always as important as the end goal which is well thought out approach.

  137. Etory says:

    high resolution version to my entry (34)

    ugo forum reduce resolution with bad result.

  138. jason ransom says:

    blue winged guy.!/photo.php?fbid=267647005232&set=a.267638455232.151753.267161975232&theater

    blue winged guy revamp.

    the suit in the orig was sweet and simple, however with HM3 i could keepthe sweet and simple but change it around to give the character more depth. one of thebiggest things i like about this transition is being able to make clothing transparent/ translucent. the layering of weapon items to recreat the sword is deff plus. even tho HM3 has templets its got so many options of edit like, size, rotation, masking and layering. you can take one item and use it in 100s of ways.

  139. Zyp says:

    So I decided to do another one.

    The original is Iyex Davala’s “the Gold Warrior” from the facebook page:

    And here’s my revamp:

    I tried to make the armor more practical for a flying character(I assume he can fly… he has wings… big golden ones though, but still… wings…) Also assuming he can fly I decided to place him on the mountains behind the original character.

    Awesome, I got “wow”s!(117->) So cool! Thank you!

  140. ams says:

    Here is another entry from myself. Thanks to BLUE BLAZER for the loan of the character, RED WOLF.
    I really liked the look of this character because my favorite color is red and I like wolves. My impression of the charcter was a trained fighter (because of the staff), but gritty (like every other wolf based hero in the comic universe). When updating the look, I thought it was real important to keep a red prominent color scheme. With a more dynamic pose, I added a red hood (lil’ red riding hood?)and some feral wolves to show a connection to his name.

    HM 2.0-

    HM 3.0-

  141. Jason22274 says:

    The HM2 image is edited, so if that disqualifies this entry I understand.

    The story of how this came about is thus:

    Writer: What did you do to my amazon?
    Artist: Pretty hot, isn’t she?
    Writer: Definitely not! This isn’t realistic at all! I’m pretty sure dental floss panties and BDSM collars weren’t around in the prehistoric era!
    Artist: Dude, chill. I’m just trying to make the comic sell. No sex appeal means less money. I like my paycheck, thank you.
    Writer: Yeah, your undoubted drug habit requires money, huh?
    Artist: Harsh. Anyway, what would you expect me to do to reach your Grand Design.
    Writer: Well, put her in clothes for starters.
    Artist: I could do a loincloth and bikini top, would that help?
    Writer: Yes to the loincloth, no to the bikini. Make it something like a furred one piece, think that won’t damage your artistic sensibilities?
    Artist: I could make it very form fitting though?
    Writer: (Exaggerated sigh) Yes. Now how about something for her feet?
    Artist: You know, I kinda thought I left the feet a bit too bare. I could add some boots of some form.
    Writer: no no, Her feet would be calloused so she doesn’t need boots. How about fur leg warmer-type things.
    Artist: As bad as that sounds, I think I could make it work. Now my turn. Its prehistoric times, so all she would have in convenience is some furs and a stone spear, yet she has two different knives on her. Come on, a disconnect from reality that big needs better stuff than I’m on!
    Writer: Point taken. Well, she was a slave, what if she took some of the weapons the slavers used when she escaped. They’re more advanced than most of the world. Makes them better bad guys.
    Artist: So I can upgrade the spear in other words?
    Writer: Yes. In fact, dump the stupid slave collar and put a manacle on her, with a chain hanging from it and a spiked ball at the end… I could so make that part of the story. Our heroine freeing herself and making her chains of bondage their weapon of freedom. Man, this is good!
    Artist: But how is she supposed to fight with a spear and a chained weapon at the same time?
    Writer: I don’t know yet… maybe like they did in 300?
    Artist: (Shrugs) Could work.
    Writer: If you can do all that, oh and add muscle. She’s an amazon for christ sakes!
    Artist: How am I upposed to make muscle sexy?
    Writer: They did it for She-hulk, I think you’re up to the challenge.
    Artist: (Mumbling to himself) Yeah, but green skin and hair definitely helps in the muscle department.

    (Say no to drugs kids! lol)

  142. alphaalpharomeo says:

    One week can you have a character contest where we have to make a team of 4 or 5 characters where we have to create each with a certain power, sort of like the fantastic four or the xmen

  143. Kytana says:

    I will post later another character. Here is the first entry:
    I put out a short statement. As i drawn the first character last year i had a idea for a story. So i use this contest for that.
    The first characters name is Rober. He came from a land where the humans see him and his people as wild animals. So he slave him, but one day he can escape. When he run away he met Lils, a young human hunter. He began to fight but he have no chance to win. So she arrest him and she mistreats him the first time. Someday he became to be very sick. First she want kill but then she care him. Next time he save her life as a familiar betrayed her.So she flee with him in the next forrest and get him free. From her he learn better speak the human speech and to fight and survive in this hard world. End the end he met his people in the montain who respect him. So he´s not longer to be the prey of somebody. he is a hunter as well.
    So you see the old picture as slave whos the costume is similar as the first one and besides the new one as Hunter.
    (Puh…the last time i must written so much was 18 years ago by the last english lesson)

  144. Vaadren says:

    Zyp (145): I’d say you’re on a roll then. I had to stare at your Gold Warrior for a good minute just to do it justice!

    Loads of great designs so far, I always enjoy spectating these contests. =)

  145. Zyp says:

    Vaadren (150): Why thank you! Glad you like them! 😀

  146. zaheelee says:

    Zyp, how on earth do you make such dynamic images?!?!?!?!?!?! They really DO look like they came from an actual comic!

  147. unknownblackpaper says:

    God damn it zyp (145) I officially hate you! Not really, but jealous. . . a wee bit

  148. Lawrence says:

    Zyp, I always love your stuff but you are really flying this competition.

  149. Blue Blazer says:




    I’m not sure what to say about the changes here. I think the red makes him look more menacing. Otherwise, I just found a good combination of elements to make the character look, I think, pretty cool.

  150. Lawrence says:

    Here is one of the first characters I made in heromachine. I never really made female heroes in HM2 so this is me redressing the balance.

  151. Blue Blazer says:




    I thought a woman who’s a were-cat ought to have some sex appeal, and the first version just doesn’t really have any. I also like the black, white, and gray color scheme rather than the black and blue.

  152. Blue Blazer says:

    Cool pose on Scorpion, Lawrence!

  153. The Imp says:

    Okay, one more. The original is from the Facebook page, Ice Man by Sakumo Hatake. I tried to go for a sleeker, more ‘icy’ look.

  154. XionUnborn01 says:

    I see Zyp already did Gold Warrior…but on account of the fact that I failed to notice it me first glance through somehow and decided to revamp it, I did. But I think it paled in comparison to Zyp’s. This is my revamp of a future version of Gold Warrior, after a obligatory mech fight.

  155. Emmanuel_Sosa21 Sosa says:

    heromachine my photo are the four

  156. logosgal says:

    I had this one character I really wanted to do, but I think I’m too attached and it was getting too complicated. So here’s a revamp of a Facebook picture.

    “The Warrior of the Hell”




    Honestly, I picked this character more for the challenge than for the appeal of the concept. The only comments on the picture were criticisms/insults, and while I think those comments were over-the-top, I will say that this is not the best 2.x image I’ve seen. I think the big problem (and what the commenters were reacting to) is the lack of cohesion. It uses different color schemes for the outfit, each weapon, the shield, and the wings; there’s a random cat; and, probably most importantly, it’s not obvious how the character relates to the title.

    So, my first goal was to come up with a concept that incorporated the original picture, but also more obviously said “The Warrior of the Hell.” I wanted to bring out the Chaotic Evil I associate with Hell, which is why he’s naked except for the raggy briefs and why I decided to go with a sort of demonic man/beast mixture. I wanted to give him a dynamic, scary pose, like he’s coming out to grab you (which is other reason he didn’t get clothes: once again I had to try an experimental pose). Also emphasizing the warrior from hell thing, I gave him a big custom sword drawn and ready for action instead of the more passive one sheathed on his back, and I took away his shield (because hell-warriors don’t need no namby-pamby shields, especially if they want a definite article at the beginning of their names). I also got rid of the logo because I didn’t feel like it added anything.

    I was surprised how much I kept of the original, though. Obviously I kept larger, more obvious elements: gave him wings, horns, a tail, and eyes without pupils and irises. What surprised me was that, as eclectic as those original colors are, I kept the basic idea of most of them. I toned them down a bit so they didn’t clash, and I moved some of them to more/different items to give the idea that the whole character belongs together. That’s why he has red claws, a red hoof, red horns, and a partly red sword in addition to the red hair, and why he has yellow clothes and yellow on the sword instead of a yellow shield and belt.

    Finally, I did the background. It seemed like Hell was the most obvious setting for a picture of “The Warrior of the Hell,” so that’s what I did. I’d wanted to play with the fact that it’s “the Hell” rather than just “hell” as it’s usually called, but I couldn’t think of anything good for that, so I just did a standard underworld with random fires. I also put the cat back in reincarnated as a tiger. Come to think of it, I probably should have made him into some sort of Infernal Flaming Fire Tiger of Doom, but I didn’t. Oh well.

    I would also like to say how much I like Zyp’s version of “Ojos Azules” (99), but since other people have covered that pretty well already, I will instead say:
    @Myro (136): That’s my character! 😀 Nice job on the redo! I like the rose emblem!

  157. D says:

    Could the people who uploaded images to Photobucket please check to make sure they’re actually there? Some of them are missing.

  158. unknownblackpaper says:

    Fae’s Mischief

    Lydia Weatherbie H2:

    My H3:

    and close up:

    My re-vamp for this image was to strip it down, removing the clothing and adding in body tattoos for that tribe-like effect. Also, I added in lite-purple and some warmer colors to the current color scheme to better contrast certain elements of the image.

    My concept was to enhance the color scheme and expression of the charter to make it “pop” more and almost glow in its own fairy light

  159. Whit says:

    This is the original pic (sorry I don’t know who to credit):

    And this was my result:

    I was looking through the Facebook pictures, and this one jumped out at me that needed some help because it has too much going on. It seemed that the creator was trying to convey several ideas at once:

    Ninja (bo staff, and possibly shoes)
    Soldier (camo and belt)
    Swordsman (sword, of course)
    Fire-powered superhero (flames)
    Anthropomorphic cat (facial features, tail, presence of wildcat)
    Chemical-accident-powered superhero (logo, possibly flames)

    My goal for the project was not so much to completely rework the character, but to distill it into something more sensible and cohesive.

    I wanted to, first, find what to focus on as being the one chief purpose and role of the character. I decided to focus on this being a cat-person. Instead of this being a person who had a few features sort of like a cat, I decided to give him the head of a cat, full-on. I turned the cap the original character wore into fur. Placing the character in the jungle–and retaining the green of the original background–further sells the idea of this being an anthropomorphic wildcat.

    I did still try to keep as many roles as possible. I though “soldier” was redundant with all of the other warrior roles, and the camo and belt made the costume much too busy, so I ditched all that. I thought I could portray the ninja role just with the pose. I ditched the “ninja shoes” for something more metallic to go with the gloves and to be sturdier. I liked incorporating the flame power into the character, more as a magical element, so I gave him a small fireball, and hinted at it with the eyes instead of engulfing him in flames. Those hints of red also round out the palette, anchoring the picture with a blue-green-red triad. Though I no longer thought of my character as the victim of a freak accident, I retained the hazardous-substance logo, but re-envisioning it as a kind of mark of his clan.

  160. Lawrence says:

    Thanks blue blazer, I really like Jester. I’ve tried to do creepy clown style characters in the past and could never pull it off but you nailed it!

  161. Lawrence says:

    well done on the library scene unknownblackpaper for the ninja librarian. It really looks great

  162. Lawrence says:

    here is my ninja. I tried to update his mask to make him more intimidating and gave him some tougher armour.

  163. HairWhip says:

    this is a remake of Blueblazer’s Waxman

    this is the original.
    (Sorry about the lack of link, I have trouble with it)

  164. unknownblackpaper says:

    Thank you Lawrence, I really like your ninja as well!

  165. Jack Zelger says:

    OK, here’s my second revamp. This one is based on Emmanuel Sosa’s cool, hitman-type guy seen here:

    And my update is here. With this one I tried to stay very close to the original character design:

  166. DiCicatriz says:

    Here’s my take on a few 🙂

    1) Ojos Azules (original illustration submitted by Rafael Flores Romero)

    I though the costume design was pretty solid, and I loved the mystery of the character so I wanted to keep it generally intact. I decided to design her to be more androgynous, almost an otherworldly genderless being, and positioned her in more of a spell-caster type role.

    2)Rags (original illustration by Matt Yates)

    The original had more of a street level vigilante feel, with the ragged costume, the low tech gear, etc. I was digging the scarecrow vibe and I wanted to take it to a supernatural place. This could perhaps be even a future take on the character, whose disembodied spirit animates the remains of his former costume.

    3) David Curry (original illustration by David Curry)

    I liked this one for the color palette and decided to take it away from a more traditional superhero costume towards an edgier and rougher kind of character.

  167. Myro says:

    logosgal (165): Okay, now I feel weird. I mean, I’m glad you like it, but my point of using someone else’s work was to get some separation from the original creation process. Now that I know whose work I’m recreating, I’m apprehensive to try it again.
    Whatever, I already know I’m coming off as the most neurotic person here.

  168. Hammerknight says:

    Jeff if I may, I would like to update my entry. I believe I now understand what you were looking for.

  169. Asder says:

    I did a fire dragon before and I saw this ¨ice man¨(i think it´s a revamp of sub zero) and i thought that i could turn him into a dragon, but real dragon this time.

    Original Ice man!/photo.php?fbid=186136504737743&set=o.267161975232&theater

    This is my ice man turn into a dragon

  170. logosgal says:

    Myro (178): haha, sorry, I didn’t mean to make you nervous! If it makes you feel better, I was never really attached to her, so I’m glad to see her finally get some love from somebody.

  171. Mysterious Zed says:

    This is another picture from the facebook page.
    Hm2 the idea behind the update or revamp was that his companion has started to kill civilians and villains and now has attacked his master.

  172. Asder says:

    ghost monk

    Here´s my last entry for this week, I tried to keep the original idea but with some additions(my ideas)to ¨personalize it¨.

  173. Captain Kicktar says:
    First one was made in 2.5, and since their wasn’t much customization in it, I couldn’t get her bangs right. In the next version, I just made her in 3.0, but it was early in my use of it, so I didn’t understand some more important bits, so she doesn’t look quite right. Next, I changed her to look a bit tougher, and made the scars a bit better. The final version I made by going back to my original concept, which was made in a fighting game called My Brute, where I found out she had more armor then I had been putting on her, and I also changed the hair and weapons.
    I may not win, but maybe I’ll get a prize for revising her so many times.

  174. jason ransom says:


    Vorna Revamed-Revamped.

    Credit goes to “captain Kicktar”

    Hey, “cap” no hard feelings but just so you know i dont want to win with this character revamp, i simply liked the character and saw potential…so idk i just threw my spin into it. feel free to keep it!

  175. Lawrence says:

    Wow Asder, that ice dragon is amazing.

  176. Lawrence says:

    Well done DiCicatriz, I love all those. You really give the characters there own personality.

  177. unknownblackpaper says:

    Dem Bones

    H2 by Iyex Davala!/photo.php?op=1&view=global&subj=267161975232&pid=445158&id=100000561562789&oid=267161975232&fbid=167780036584047


    Not one of my best, but I had a lot of fun with this image.

    Iyex image had a cool theme, so I re-vamped it by added a more punk apparel and throwing a chaotic concept to the image.

  178. jason ransom says:


    Vorna Revamed-Revamped.

    Credit goes to “captain Kicktar”

    Hey, “cap” no hard feelings but just so you know i dont want to win with this character revamp, i simply liked the character and saw potential…so idk i just threw my spin into it. feel free to keep it!

  179. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3


    So instead of working on one of mine I thought I would grab an image from the facebook page.

    I decided to redo this guy into a more anti-hero type, I got rid of the baggy shirt and shield and made him more of a renegade living in the shadowy alleys of London.

  180. dblade says:

    Something a little more in the cute sphere. I chose Icy Fairy because I wanted to take her in a direction that I thought was more fey and playful. She still looks like she might play a nasty prank on some unsuspecting mortal.

    Lydia Weatherbie’s original “Icy Fairy” from Facebook:

    The new “Icy the Fairy”:

    Icy with background:

  181. Lime says:

    Desmoda is part girl and part bat, from a very silly story I never finished in which she has a companion who is part boy and part alligator. Here she’s hanging in a belfry, and evidently you are upside down as well as you view her.

    This time as I put her together, the only things I tried to carry over (besides the part-girl, part-bat thing) were the elements of friendliness and good humor. I looked at pictures of actual vampire bats for reference.

  182. Armstrong says:

    Okay, so she is kind of like an upgrade power-wise from the previous version and has a new companion. She is called “Fire” from the character on Facebook. Hope you enjoy!

  183. Armstrong says:

    Wow, was just looking through them all and I am so impressed it’s not even funny. I am still trying to find out how you guys can make the people taller than buildings (sure it’s gotta be resize but I never get it) and some of the coloring on these characters is awesome. Wallflower by Blue Blazer is phenomenal. I love how she just fades into the wall. And Asder’s “Fire Dragon” literally had me going “Wow!” Absolutely great, guys! Keep up the good work!

  184. logosgal says:

    “Undersea Captive”

    “The Captive”



    The Captive was once the ruler of the greatest undersea civilization the planet’s oceans have ever seen. When she came to power, her people had seen four generations of peace, and under her rule, they reached heights in art and learning and philosophy never reached by any other civilization on the planet before or since.

    One day a strange metal creature passed through the water of the capital city, and people watched with fearless curiosity. Little did they know that the submarine was the first scout in what was to be a terrible war against the land-people and their robot servants. After such a long period of peace, they had forgotten most of their martial ways, and their technology had not been devoted to warmongering. It wasn’t long until the sea-people were overpowered and sent to work as slaves for the land-people in their underwater mines with the robots as their overseers. They continue to struggle for their freedom to this day.

    Most of the changes I made were meant to give a more dramatic image. I wanted to show her struggling against the capture, so I gave her a pose with more movement and changed the setting from the labor-camp to the beach immediately after her capture, when she’s still quite full of fight and still wearing her torn and bloody battle clothes. I didn’t give her scales in the new one like I did originally because I didn’t like how the patterns were coming out.

  185. Armstrong says:

    For this one I used Lydia’s “Black-and-White in a Cold Climate” because I wanted to do sort of an ice to my fire above. This was the closest I could get. She’s a complete revamp with powers and a different kind of costume.

  186. Lawrence says:

    Here’s my take on one of Imp’s HM2 designs. He made a group called freedom force. Hopefully I’ve done it justice.

    I started with Vendetta. She had a soldier type feel to her so I decided to her some body armour for those stray bullets. I also updated her head gear to give her a more high tech feel.

    Next I tweeked the American. I loved the idea of an aging hero still clinging on to fighting evil so I tried to emphasise that concept. I made his cape frayed and tried to give him a tired look. Instead of holding a brand new flag, I had him holding one that has been through the wars, much like him. I also swapped out the star insignia for an eagle emblem to avoid clashing with the flag.

    Then I went on to Fire Starter. I decided to ditch the leather jacket and went with a fire proof outfit instead. I stayed with the colour scheme but went with a modified design for the costume. I also upped the intensity of her flames, from just her hands to her whole body.

    I liked the idea of Raptor being a tough female hero so I tried to maintain her muscular physique but tried to give her a little more femininity. I scaled down the helmet to show off more of her features and let her hair loose. I also changed the axe and shield to emphasis the bird concept having lost the helmet.

    Finally I changed Polar Bear. I tried to make him more primal and put him in a frozen wilderness.

  187. Myro says:

    logosgal (197): I’m a little worried about why, when I saw the original HM2 version of “Undersea Captive,” and saw the robot, I immediately thought of this guy from a previous caption contest:

  188. Myro says:

    Probably the last one for me. We’ll see.

    Yuki-Onna is one of mine (Yuki-Onna is a Japanese legend of a “Snow Witch”). Been wondering when I’d get around to upgrading her to HM3 since the ice-skin isn’t available, but I decided to finally give it a try.

    So, the first thing I did was scrapped the glassy-ice skin, and just combined light blues and whites in to give her the appearance of being cold without the texturing. I scrapped her full jūnihitoe shinto robes for the more combat-practical uwagi wrap jacket (which she’s extracted her right arm for movement, and is wearing a chest wrap underneath), and hakama pants. Given the more versatile nature of HM3, I made it look more evident that she was wearing geta sandals, and scrapped her hood/head wrap altogether. Because of the dynamic stance I gave her, I realized tucking her katanas into her obi belt would be impractical, so I hung them over her back.
    Yuki-Onna’s always had ice/cold related powers, but it wasn’t until I was flipping through backgrounds that I became inspired to put her into a full-on snow storm.

    Just in case anyone’s curious, I actually will admit I had to go through Wikipedia to make sure I got all the Japanese names for her clothing correct. It’s not like I actually know what the names are off the top of my head.

  189. logosgal says:

    Myro (200): lol, that robot is hilarious! I wish mine had been that awesome. 🙂 Do you know what caption contest that was? Now I want to see what people put for it…

  190. Myro says:

    logosgal (202): I found it. Caption contest 83. Here’s the winning captions:

    And the original entries:

  191. Jack Zelger says:

    And here’s my last revamp. This one is based on the Ninja Librarian some others tried, too:

    And here’s the new one. I used the male crouching legs, but if you mess with the sizing a bit, they work okay for a woman character, too, I think.

  192. XionUnborn01 says:

    2nd Entry is an unnamed creation by Emmanuel Sosa. I tried to go for a victory scene that’s just a little gory.



  193. Kytana says:
    My second character is the wolf of the same picture. Her name is Paine and she have her name from Rober who find her as baby under a pile of corpses. Only Paine survived this tragedy day as humans killed her family. So she hate hunters and on this way she hate Lils because she´s a hunter too. For that reason she only follow Rober. Of theirs journey she learnd and rise her skill. At the end of
    this she grown up and became a new family. She will anything to to protect them. So in the end she is not longer
    to endure pain herself, she cause pain to other.

  194. superfan1 says:

    The original is courtesy of David on the heromachine facebook page. There was no name included so i just decided to call it punk hero.

    Punk Hero: Revamp and Original

    So i decided to give the hero a complete makeover in terms of “personality” While the orginal seems like sort of an angry hero or even a villain, the revamp is more of a Rockstar. I took the insignia off of the hero and placed it on the wall as to make it seem like more of a band logo. There is considerably less purple in the revamp version. I also removed the cape, as a cape is unnecessary for a rockstar.

  195. Gabriel Dunderson: Paranoid schizophrenic or lost son of Asgard?

    This has been an amazing contest. Really a showcase of the evolution of HM.

  196. Lime says:

    Several years ago, I encountered a type of cheese called Mizithra. Not only was it a tasty cheese, but it sounded like an excellent name for a sorceress. From then on it was my go-to moniker for magic-using characters in games, although for arcane reasons I have elected to change the spelling.

    Myzithra is from everywhere and nowhere, travelling alone from place to place selling her spells and potions. She will tell you stories of all the people and customs of the far and strange places in the world, but if you ask her about her own history, she will only smile.

    I’m still pretty pleased with Version 2 Myzithra, though I think the re-design has given me the opportunity to bring out more of the “world traveler” idea and hopefully the “peddler” thing too. I’d have liked to have stuck a lot more little bottles and bags and things on her, but it was going to start looking silly before much longer.

  197. Jake says:

    Here is a character I’ve worked on quite a bit. A couple years ago, I first came up with the idea for this character. His name is Chunko the Clown and in his first appearance, he killed about twenty guards while seemingly unarmed. This caused a riot and mass prison break. This is Chunko at this stage in his life.

    While Chunko was never a very subtle character, the straight jacket did attract some unwanted attention. In Chunko’s deranged mind, the following costume is much more subtle.

    This change in character keeps close to the original design, while discarding the biggest weakness of the original. The straight jacket, while cool, tied him too heavily to an asylum. He did not wear that by choice and so it was too area specific. The relaunch shows him in his twisted idea of laying low.

  198. The Sugg Knights: Running with The Eric’s observation that Emmanuel’s Facebook characters look like “The Smug Knights.”

    Apologies for not providing a better group picture. I don’t have a picture editor other than MS Paint. Tried to create it in HM itself. When I realized how to do it… well, I’ve killed 4 hours already, thank you very much. ;9

  199. Felipe S. Card says:

    Here are my entries:


    Dark Huntress is a sucubbus that when young, was recruited to serve as a pawn in night games of vampires who rules the city of New York. However, when she discovered the truth about her true origin, has vowed revenge for that to be transformed.

    Zarovich is an “old-fashioned” vampire hunter. By reason of having been infected with a vampiric disease, suffer less physically over the years. His true age is 160 years, and during that time, it seeks to join the other hunters in order to find a cure for himself.

    I decided to modify the Huntress to a more aggressive stance, demonstrating that despite the fragile appearance, is someone who is playing hardball against his enemies.


    Regarding Zarovich, wanted to demonstrate that over the years changed his youthful appearance to a battle-scarred face. With the loss of the eye, developed a supernatural ability to aim with his right eye, making it an even more effective hunter with his crossbow.


  200. logosgal says:

    Another entry from Facebook. Original:
    Since the original character has two names, when I was thinking
    about how to redo this I was also trying to think of a way to put
    the two names together smoothly. One of the names I came up with
    was “Black Union,” which sounded like some sort of renegade
    workers’ union, which made me think of the USSR. So I decided to
    split the character into arch-enemies “Union Jack” and “The Black
    Union.” The loose all-black clothing, executioner-style hood, and
    wide body type in the original said “anti-hero” to me, while the
    name “Union Jack” of course suggested that he’s British. So I
    played up those things in my new Union Jack. I went for a sort of
    Comedian look, with a leather jacket and a big gun and all kinds of
    weapons and pouches and ammo on his belt, and a faded, well-worn
    shirt with a big Union flag emblazoned across the front. I also
    decided his real name is John “Jack” Black. I decided the Black
    Union should be as much an opposite to Union Jack as possible. So I
    made him tall and thin and dressed him as a more traditional
    super-hero, along the lines of Superman or Captain America, only
    from Soviet Russia rather than the United States. I decided he
    should have a more hand-to-hand fighting style (since Union Jack
    likes to blast things at range with his gun), so I gave him the
    fighting staff from the original picture, as well as a smaller
    version of the shield. I also gave him a happier expression,
    reflecting a more optimistic outlook on life than Union Jack’s.
    Finally, I did the background with the yin-yang to symbolize the
    equal-and-opposite idea of the two characters, with red for the
    Black Union and blue for Union Jack.

  201. Felipe S. Card says:

    ELEMENTAL MAGE Here an example of the Elemental Mage. On
    version 2.5, he uses the power of eletricity to beat up his
    enemies. Years later, he learned the sacred art of Holy Fire, and
    follow this discipline until today. 🙂 HM2.5

  202. Rhinoman says:

    Hey Jeff and everyone! It’s good to be back. Major computer
    issues have kept me from entering any contests for the past month
    but I’m up and running again better than ever. Great job on the new
    look of HM3, Jeff! Slayer HM2.5
    Slayer HM3

  203. DiCicatriz says:

    One more 🙂

    This is a revamp on an untitled character submitted by Iyex Davala. He had a cool futuristic look about him. I went with a bit of a darker color scheme, made him bulkier and a little more aggressive. I imagine him as an cyborg-type character combining brute strength with technological savvy. Since the original design didn’t have a name I went ahead and named my redesign the Enforcer.

  204. Janie was a 19-year old freshman at the University of Texas-Austin. She was “working her way through college” at The Shack just off US Highway 183 South. That changed when Time Revolutionaries “drafted” her to be a cybersoldier in Texas’ third war for independence.

  205. Mr44 says:

    Here’s a character I found, named “Zombie Furnace”.
    I assumed he’s some cool guy that kills zombies, and not a
    “zombie”. I also gave him fire powers, the compliment the name.

  206. BakerDoc says:

    Hi everybody! I have a character that I made very quickly in HM 2.5 (and the result was a bit awful in my opinion). I did’t like and I redesigned for HM3 modifying a lot, excepting the basic colours and idea.

    I introduce you Teleportex (could you imagine what powers he has? xD):

  207. Pesky says:

    The old picture

    The revamp

    I wanted Aldera to be more threatening than the original, and at the same time more sensual. The contrast between the lightning and the black skin plays well, I think. Making the skin darker makes it harder to see her features, and leaves more to the mind to imagine, while enhancing her lethality.

  208. Sutter_Kaine says:

    KID DEATH – It’s said a fortune in loot is hidden away among the bullet-riddled corpses which lie dead and rotting in the wormy earth beneath Boot Hill. But to claim this loot, one must first get past the Haunter of the Hill, the spectre of a nameless gunslinger known in some legends as Kid Death.

  209. Kytana says:

    My last entry is Lils is a human hunter. For the story i am to tired. So here is the picture:

  210. unknownblackpaper says:

    HM2 by Lydia Weatherbie:!/photo.php?fbid=10150228162622926&set=o.267161975232&theater&pid=9118810&id=754507925

    HM3: Red

    Lydia’s image caught my attention for the fact that it was just a black and white image.

    What I was going for as a concept was to revert the character from a modern look to a medieval viking alone in an unforgiving environment. Sadly, none of the hood in HM3 fit what I wanted for the character so I scraped it and gave her a fuzzy cloak instead.

    In this image, I used mainly blacks, whites, and all the in-betweens to keep what attracted me to Lydia’s image, but gave her skin some color (though admittedly very pale) and added in the element of red for the automatic eye-catch a the eeriness I tried to incorporate.

    The clothing chose gives the character a bit more story, and an identity.

  211. Me, Myself & I says:

    Those of you who’ve read J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, other then the better known ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Hobit’, may recognize the name Turin. You may also recall that he carried a stark black sword made of a material called Eog. The resemblance here, while dramatically similar, is actually a coincidence. The character is names Turin and he has a black Eog sword. Unlike Turin, son of Hurin, he is not cursed by a deific creature.

    There are two images I created for this character in HM2. This image on the left was created when I first made the character. He was a young, impressionable and idealistic noble who had no experience with adventure. He had not yet found his Eog sword. The right side of the image was after he’d acquired some new armor and his Eog Sword. He’d also matured a bit and strangely his hair had begun to darken.

    HM2 Version

    By the time of this HM3 redo he has had over a decade (game time) of experience as an adventurer and truly grown into his nobility. He has become an inspiration as a leader of men and yet has not lost his youthful idealism. I was trying to capture a some of these fundamental changes in making this redo.

    HM3 Version

  212. logosgal says:

    One last entry. This is based on a series of HM2 characters I did awhile back.




    It was quite awhile ago, so I don’t remember exactly where I was going with the originals. I think I was going to do a male/female pair for each primary color, and maybe the secondary colors, too. I wasn’t about to do six to twelve people in one picture for the revamp, so that was out. I decided that instead I could go with the usual meaning of “color guards” as a theme: people who carry the flag for ceremonies. So I was back down to doing three guards: Red, White, and Blue. I also decided to give them a more tech/mechanical feel, because it seemed fitting and because I hadn’t really done any heavily mech-type stuff with HM3 yet. And I wanted to give each character a specialization and emphasize it in the new picture.

    For Blue, I kept the idea of the original female instead of the male because I made her first and I’ve done more with females. I wanted her to be the covert/scout specialist, expert in sneaking into enemy territory without getting caught. To this end, I gave her relatively light, flexible armor, sturdy-but-flexible boots, a smaller wing-pack, night-vision/binocular goggles, a wrist-strap mini-crossbow (I stole that idea from someone else in this contest. I don’t remember who, but thanks!), pouches for various gadgets and concealed weapons, and a rope and grappling hook for climbing walls where her wings don’t have room or make too much noise. Personality-wise, in the original she had an expression that suggested to me that she was a stern, straight-laced, rulebound type who inspires people to swear she has one long stick instead of a backbone, and I tried to preserve that in the new version.

    I was pretty much starting from scratch with the White Guard. I wanted an excuse to use that lower-body piece, so I decided he was in a horrible accident as a small child in which he lost his legs and right arm, seriously damaged the right side of his face, and lost his right eye. The doctors rebuilt him as a cyborg, and possibly as a result he’s been a genius with computers and technology as long as he can remember. He is, obviously, the technological specialist of the team, with his oPhone (the descendant of the modern iPhone) in his hand and one of his keyboards attached to his cybernetic unit. I added green to the robotic portions of his body because confining myself to shades of white made for a really boring costume with parts that were hard to differentiate. I decided green was his favorite color, and that his nickname is “Firefly” due to the glowy lower portion of the anti-gravity unit. I also decided he was the eternally cheerful optimist of the group.

    Finally, I decided Red should be the heavy-duty brute force guy. I gave him layers of heavy, bulky and armor (though if you look closely you might be able to spot part of the vest from the original sticking out from under all that), big wings, a giant gun tricked out with all the extra pieces that didn’t look totally out-of-place when I put them out, a belt full of weapons and tech stuff, and a wristguard with another weapon-looking thing. I also gave him hair because White was already bald (most of his hair was singed off in the accident). Red also has a fairly cheerful disposition, but not to the same extent as White.

    I put the setting as their headquarters and made the background fairly dark because at first when I had it lighter, White didn’t show up as well as I wanted.

    Sorry for the long post, but I don’t have time or energy to make it shorter.

  213. logosgal says:

    By the way, what happened to my paragraphs in (217)? I could have sworn I had that all nicely organized in three or four paragraphs, and now it’s showing up as one big wall of text that even I wouldn’t be keen on reading. 🙁 (Sorry if I’m being picky; I’m a writing tutor, so I think about these things. And it’s late…)

  214. After a long hiatus I am posting again…

    I saw this great design on the facebook page:

    KnightStryker is an awesome HM2 creation (not by me of course) and I tried to put my own personal touch by implementing this design to HM3 (which by the way is almost perfect now, cheers) So here is my version of Knight Stryker:

    I kept some elements which I thought were really cool in the original design (red tie, swords, weapon sticks…)& I enhanced the armor and gave the whole design a more modern perspective, perhaps… I hope you like it.

  215. Galahad says:

    I chose “The Mystifier” by Muhammad C. I liked the general color scheme, but I didn’t think it had the right kind of unity to it. I wanted to add a few more armor pieces but still keep the whole general flowing sense. I also wanted to show that he’s wearing robes, rather than a dress, and that he does have something on underneath. That always got me about Star Wars. How imposing are the Royal Guard, standing there in dresses?!?

  216. Galahad says:

    The second one I chose was lydia weatherby’s “Ice Fairy”, but I thought her fairy looked kind of alien with white skin, no hair an no nose… like Voldemort’s baby sister. I wanted to give her a more frosty appeal.

  217. Again working with the image of Knight Stryker I found:

    New image (entry #2 with moderations and effects added) with HM3:

  218. Myro says:

    Was getting bored, and took another crack at a Facebook picture rather than my own. This is Lara Magyar’s what I assume is something of a self-portrait on HM2.

    The picture came across as slightly militaristic, and I decided to expand on that in regards to her dress and background. Plus I dropped the fire wielding, and armed her with weapons, plus tried to incorporate that punching your hand/cracking your knuckles gesture to incorporate some of the toughness in the original picture.

  219. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK folks, thanks for the many submissions! I’m going to close this to new entries at this point. Given the quantity (and that I have to save two images for each entry), announcing the finalists will probably take longer than usual, but check back this afternoon.

  220. Jeff Hebert says:

    A bunch of regular-life stuff came up earlier today, so this is taking even longer than I hoped. I really apologize for the delay, I know it’s frustrating. But I am working on it full-force now, hopefully it won’t be too much longer. At least, for sure it’ll be up before midnight. Mountain Time. I hope.

  221. Amaranth says:

    Oops, nvm. I missed the posts before mine about this closing.

  222. dblade says:

    @Amaranth (243): That’s a shame because that is really nice rework.