Magno vs. The Cougar!

(From "Super Mystery Comics" volume 2, number 3, 1941.)

9 Responses to Magno vs. The Cougar!

  1. Avatar Joshua says:

    Sex and The City III: The “Rise” of Magno.


  2. Avatar TheNate says:

    Magno: The Hands of Fail

  3. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Good for you, Magno! Young girls are nothing but trouble anyway–what with the baleful eyes of parents watching you approach the object of your affection on the playground, not to mention the dim view law enforcement takes of the romance.

  4. Avatar Mr.Chris says:

    The fingernails give away the womans intent

  5. Avatar Myro says:

    Hey, those older women can be a handful. Go for it Magno!

  6. Avatar EnderX says:

    “Magno makes the mistake of saying what he has felt, and experiences the ringing of a thousand slaps to the face!”

  7. Avatar B. Clouser says:

    Back when we used to avoid drawing wrinkles on women. Classier times.

  8. Avatar punkjay says:

    Hey is Magno dating Betty White?

  9. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    “Magno is grateful for the companionship shown by the aged earth female, but Magno is not ready for a relationship right now…”