Caption Contest 95: Buried Alive!

With hearty thanks once again to Glenn3's "Say What? Pictures", your challenge this week is to come up with the best replacement dialog for this comics panel:

The presence of the headline and narration box adds a little wrinkle to this one. Is the other fellow yelling words of encouragement? Mockery? Vengeful triumph? Only you can decide!

The best entry (as judged by yours truly) wins the author's choice of either any item they like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration (you pick the subject, I draw it however I like).

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

This week we have a cap of no more than five (5) entries per person, so make 'em your best!

114 Responses to Caption Contest 95: Buried Alive!

  1. ThePerfectTense says:

    1. Oi! Use a toilet!

  2. unknownblackpaper says:

    1) Oh what a beautiful morning!
    2) Yes, I’d like a Vodka Whiskey, hold the rocks!
    3) Today’s forecast calls for a down poor of Rocks with a slight chance for DISASTER!

  3. count libido says:

    I told you not to hide under that elephant!

  4. B. Clouser says:

    1. Relax, I’m tellin’ ya, this stuff exfoliates the skin like no other.

    2. The old rocks proped on the hill gag. Get’s even the 6 year vets.

    3. Consider it this way: Cheap funeral.

    4. 2,190 work days without an accid- whooaaaa! 0 work days without an accident.

    5. Dibs on his lunch!

  5. Dan says:

    We’ve got a McNugget incident! Get the Bar-b-que sauce!

  6. joel says:


    “That’s odd, this never happened in the pokemon videogames”


  7. Nakiato says:

    1) dont be such a wimp those guys in chile did it for 69 days, with out complaint.
    2) Remember when I said it would be safe? I wasnt completly honest about that.
    3) Where is your power ring now planeteer? ha ha ha ha.
    4) you did say 50 pounds of tnt not 15 right….. oops my bad.
    5)Thats what you get for mixing mentos with cola you jerk!

  8. Dionne Jinn says:

    Have to put in the oldest joke on the list of role-players:

    “Rocks fall, everyone dies.”

  9. Worf says:

    1) Gotcha!

  10. John says:


  11. Worf says:

    2) Cleanup on aisle 5!

  12. Worf says:

    3) On crap. There goes our insurance bonus..

  13. Worf says:

    @Jeff: Please correct comment #12: It’s meant to say:
    Oh crap, not On crap….

  14. Worf says:

    4) Hey John, stop hiding. Your wife is here to see you.

  15. Hammerknight says:

    “Last time we have to work overtime on Sundays.”
    “Trust me its cheaper this way.”

  16. Danny Beaty says:


    2. I’m docking you an hours’ pay!

    3. The coal industry does NOT need government regulations!

    4. It’s okay, you’re wearing a helmet!

    5. I’d sure hate to be you!

  17. The Imp says:

    1. “Dude, is it cool if I date Judy now?”

    2. “Oh, by the way, you’re fired!”

    3. “Steve, Steve! Your numbers just came up on MegaLottery!”

  18. frankie says:

    “I meant to tell you. I’ve been sleeping with your wife!”

  19. frankie says:


  20. Gargoyle323 says:

    “Sorry….Time for my break!”

    “Here’s the 50 piece Nuggets you ordered.”

    “Rock breaks Scissors!”

  21. frankie says:

    “If you don’t make it, then I win the bet, Mr. I’m really Superman.”

  22. Gargoyle323 says:

    “Looks like we need to hire another guy before next seasons Gold Rush Alaska”

  23. Gargoyle323 says:

    “So Long…Farewell…Auf Wiedersehen…Good-Bye!”

  24. Khymera says:

    1. Chicken Little was right! The sky IS falling!

    2. Oh man! I hope you got good worker’s comp!

    3. I said, “You put the tnt too close to the outhouse!”

    4. With better insurance you could be better protected against mayhem like me, so get AllState.

    5. Time for another round of Rock, Paper, Scissors Death Match!

  25. Worf says:

    5) Hey, Come get your six year safety medal….Oh, so much for THAT!

  26. venomfang666 says:

    1. “Hey Jim, why the shocked look on your face?”
    2. “Steve! I SAID STEVE! Look over here!”
    3. “Hi….err Bye buddy!”
    4. “Don’t worry, it will stop hurting after forty or so rocks”

  27. HecNukem says:

    1. This isn’t an accident, by the way, I really do hate you
    2. So that’s a no on going to Arbies with us after work
    3. Its too late, some Chilean miners beat us to it

  28. Jester says:

    1. Quick! Change the caption to ‘Death by Chocolate!’

    2. Stop! He’s allergic to rocks!

    3. Noooooooooo! My rock collection!

    4. And -this-, kids, is why we should always wear safety gloves!

    5. It’s okay! He was dead inside!

  29. logosgal says:

    1. “Seeya on the other side, sucker!”

    2. “Just a bit of dust, don’t overreact.”

    3. “I counter your Union Talks with Rockslide. Lose 400 HP.”

    4. “I couldn’t find any flowers to toss while prancing around spreading love and happiness, so I had to use rocks.”

    5. “This won’t hurt a bit.”

  30. JonnyDemon says:

    Wow,pigs can fly!

  31. Rapthama says:

    1) “Apperently after six years of digging we have finnaly seen a natures miracle : Rockslide!”

    2) “Dude I think that we have been digging at the wrong side of the mountain for all those years!”

    3) “Fly rocks, fly!

    4) “Well this is awkward… A rock tsunami.”

    5) “That logo is clearly lieng for we are not buried alive.”

  32. Gero says:

    1-Hey, Bob, I think I felt a drop of rain! Bob?

    2-Don’t worry, that caption says we’ll live.

  33. Gero says:


    (that one might actually be the real thing)

  34. Yodel-ay-hee-hooo!

  35. Gero says:


  36. Frevoli says:

    Hey Ted, there are rocks falling on you!

  37. Frevoli says:

    Wild Geodude used rockslide

    Super effective!

  38. Frevoli says:

    Never make fun of an earthbender

  39. Myro says:

    1. “Chilean miners did it first.”
    2. “Quit whining Ted. A few rocks never hurt anyone.”
    3. “Sorry Ted, Sharia Law. You’ve been sentenced to death by stoning.”

    I don’t know why I decided he should be named Ted.

  40. MartianBlue says:

    I can make a lunch run, looks like Mark’s going to be covered up awhile

  41. Myro says:

    Okay, I can’t believe I’m resorting to this joke two weeks in a row:

    4. “It’s a trap!”

    I think I should just quit now. No need to use #5.

  42. Adam says:

    Here are some peanuts f….Oh no, your allergies!

  43. Adam says:

    Can I ask out your wife?

  44. HairWhip says:

    Why cant I see the light? Oh yeah, I’m in a cave.

  45. Mr.MikeK says:

    1. We’re going to need another Timmy!

  46. punkjay says:

    When I said “let’s rock and roll” this is not exactly what I meant!

  47. pyrodude760 says:


  48. Josh says:

    Dude! Rocking Retirement Party!

  49. Mr.Chris says:

    This is what happens when you take my sandwich johnny boy

    Has anyone seen my TNT? I think I left it near this hole in the ground

  50. ajw says:

    I told you to hide when the geese flew over!

  51. Dudemeister says:

    1. I knew I’ve been eating too much fiber. Keep your mouth CLOSED Bill!

    2. That Old Spice Guy was right! Check this out Frank…still dry!

    3. Aw shoot Frank, I think I wet myself.

  52. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Hey enough with the yoddling

  53. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Can Geico really save you 15%,,,,,What are you living under a rock

  54. Knitesoul says:

    – “Boom goes the dynamite!”

    – “Sorry, need that life insurance!”

    – “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    – “I pressed the red button, what does that mean?!”

    – “Uh, oops?”

  55. Patrick says:

    Charlie, if you don’t make it out alive, can I date your wife?

  56. Loki says:

    Ya know when somes says everything is going to be alright, and you know there lying? Well! Everthing is going to be alright!

  57. Loki says:

    2. Oh god, I have a splinter! What could possibly be worst then this!?

  58. BenK22 says:

    1. My bad.
    2. Don’t move, they can’t see you if you don’t move.
    3. Arriving in the nick of time makes me… so you’re not going to finish the ling?
    4. Need a hand?
    5. High five!

  59. Joe says:

    I know these are probably lame (they’re a twisted sister reference, after all) but here:

    #1:You probably should not have sang “I WANNA ROCK!” buddy.

    #2:You did say you wanna rock.

  60. Joe says:

    I got a third one: “I would help, but i bruise easily!”

  61. remy says:

    1. “Hey, can I get my jacket back?”
    2. “Would it help if I let you borrow my gloves?”
    3. “Rub some dirt on it, you’ll be fine.”

  62. Rendu says:

    “That gypsy warned you not to become a miner, Barry DeLive!”

  63. Nick Hentschel says:

    Note to all: please resist the temptation to “pull a Gilbert Gottfried” by referencing the earthquake in Japan. (Unless you drop the humor, and make it into a charitable ad.)

  64. Bael says:

    1) Drop another bucket on him, before somebody hears and we lose our accident free bonus!

  65. Joshua says:

    1. “…My God! The septic system is on the fritz!”

    2. “…Well, at least words will never hurt ya’!”

    3. “…I told you guys we should’a never built on an Indian burial ground!”

  66. zaheelee says:

    “I thought this only happened in Peru!”

  67. Whit says:

    1) “Hold on! I’ll go change the ‘Days Without An Accident’ sign!”

    2) “Bartender, on second thought, I WON’T have a Mudslide…”

  68. Nick Hentschel says:

    “Doctor Jones: ADIEU!!!”

  69. alphaalpharomeo says:

    The Hills are alive with the sound of music…..Oh wait that just Jim screaming

  70. alphaalpharomeo says:

    The hills are alive with the sound of music

  71. alphaalpharomeo says:

    You just ruined the punchline to my Japanese golfer joke Harry

  72. frankie says:

    “Truth is, we have about 8 accidents a year. We just don’t report them.”

  73. Connor S. says:


  74. Connor S. says:

    Sorry, I ment port-o-potty. So, instead “OH MY, IT SEEMS I HAVE ACCIDENTALLY TIPPED OVER THE PORT-O-POTTY!”

  75. Wierdrocks says:

    “Bye Mark!”

  76. 2. Beware of les pommes de terre!

    3. Latrine! (* Probably too obscure of a reference from “Top Secret!”)

    4. Quick! Grab this imaginary rope!

    5. Stop screaming during my aria!

  77. B. Clouser says:


  78. Novak says:

    Thanks Mom that got him.

    No Mr. Bond I expect you to die.

    ALWAYS tip the pizza guy.

  79. Black Griffin says:

    1-On the Big-Rock-Candy Mountain
    2-Get to da choppa
    3-High on a hill was a lonely goat-herd
    5-I fart in your general direction

  80. X-stacy says:

    Why does stuff like this always happend to ME?

  81. TheNate says:

    Oy! Buried in a rockslide, he is now! And just this morning I wished him mazeltov! How messuggah!

  82. Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 says:

    “Somebody tell The Thing this is NOT his ‘dumping ground’!!”

  83. logosgal says:

    @Black Griffin (79) #3: Great, now that song is stuck in my head! I just watched that last night, too…

  84. Nick Hentschel says:

    Even on land, BP can’t drill safely……

  85. skybandit says:

    “Let he who is without sin…Hey, Mom, lay off!”

    “I said stop, not drop!”

    “Hey, you owe me twenty bucks!”

    “Teach you to wear a red shirt, trekkie!”

    “Insurance doesn’t cover workers without gloves!”

  86. skybandit says:

    “There can be only one!”

    “You said da secret woid!”


    “Hey, Norton, we’re flushing!”

    “Picture, if you will, a man buried alive!”

  87. Dan says:

    I’m gonna set the vollyeball for someone else to spike it, but someone HAS to do some kinda Wrath of Khan joke. I can’t think of anything good enough. I can’t be the only one who sees Buried Alive and thinks of Khan.

  88. X-stacy says:

    @80–By “happend” of course I meant “happen”. Sheexh.

  89. X-stacy says:

    I’d help ya, but you know how they feel about overtime. Good luck!

  90. Wrinkles says:


  91. Whit says:

    3) That’s what you get with a busted union!

  92. Joe says:

    #4: Well, it looks like jim’s career went down the crapper!

  93. Joe says:

    and now #4: Well, it looks like jims career went to the crapper!

  94. Joe says:

    Sorry about the duplicate comment. No idea how that happened

  95. dblade says:

    1. “Duck and cover, Frank! Duck and cover!”

    2. “Oh it’s Mr. Attention Grubber again. ‘Look at poor little me, I’m being buried alive.’ Boo frickin hoo.”

    3. “Hey, Frank! Have you seen that ‘Danger: Loose Rocks’ sign I was supposed to put up this morning?”

    4. “Holy rocky revenge, Frankie! Those are the same boulders you peed on this morning!”

    5. “Break time, Frankie! Ya want me to grab ya some Twinkies or Ding Dongs from da machine? Heh. Ding Dongs. Now dat’s a funny name.”

  96. Rinjoclans says:

    1)Good news-I just sold your story. Bad news- they wanna cast Harry Osborne as you!
    2)Quick! Take my pocket knife!

  97. alphaalpharomeo says:

    Hey you’re not really Jay Garrick are you?

  98. Whit says:

    4) Excuse me, waiter? We were supposed to have the ranch dipping sauce with these.

  99. Novak says:

    Bill, DEODORANT!!!

  100. Wrinkles says:

    First one to hit bottom wins!!!

  101. X-stacy says:

    Little to the left, little more–wait, back just a bit. There!

  102. kidpool says:

    Builder Man to the Rescue

  103. Whit says:

    4) Gravy lumpy enough for ya, Joe?

  104. B. Clouser says:

    What do ya think this giant caption above us means? Oh.

  105. Steve says:

    1. Hope you got Obama-care health coverage!
    2. Say ‘hello’ to the Mole man for me!

  106. joel says:

    “Dibs on his Lexus!”

  107. Ryaxi says:

    98, 99, 100! gotcha!

  108. Phantom Caliber says:

    “Well Jim, the new guy’s not doin TOO bad but.. oh. Nevermind.”

  109. Phantom Caliber says:

    @ 104 B. Clouser: That made me laugh. xP

  110. unknownblackpaper says:

    4) Can’t keep a good landslide down

  111. Fishsticks says:

    Oooh, I can’t help it. Time for some bad geology jokes.

    1. I warned you not to touch her gneiss cleavage!
    2. And that’s why should never take gneiss rocks for granite.
    3. IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!
    4. Schist happens.
    5. May the quartz be with you.

  112. Nicholas/GtaMythMaster43 says:

    Damn those EarthBenders!!! I’m so glad I’m from the Fire Nation!!

  113. Shogran says:

    1. I didn’t think you’d Actually try that. Feeling a little guilty now.
    2. Haha, I told you I’d get you back for syran wrapping the toilet.

  114. Gero says:

    Hopefully this one isn’t too late to make it in:
    5-“Can you siiiiing with all the voiiiiices of the mouuuntain…”

    With music notes bracketing it