RP: Next on Bravo’s “Top Chef: DC”

(From "Adventure Into Fear" number 11, ©1972, Marvel Comics. Hat-tip to Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin.)

12 Responses to RP: Next on Bravo’s “Top Chef: DC”

  1. And the Giant-Sized Man-Thing goes “Thack!”

  2. spidercow2010

    Bake for 9 hours at 350F. Top with fungus and mold spores and serve over foetid ichor.

  3. William A. Peterson

    Hey! I was saving that foetid Ichor for Dessert! πŸ˜‰

  4. The funny thing is on the radio this morning they were playing things from Food Network that, taken out of context, sound nice and dirty. I quote: “Get up on that counter. Now this is where the fun is, you have to get your hands dirty. And I love it. Watch out for the splatter.”
    Good fun times on 106.5

  5. “And remember, when working with fresh giant bat, you should never, ever garnish with garlic. Use a garlic substitute if you’re really craving it. My mama always used garlic substitute on giant bat, and it’s fabulous.”

    Dinner is served, sweetheart!

  6. Harder

  7. Nick Hentschel

    Bat: tastes like chicken.

  8. Is it just me or does guy look like a poor man’s doomsday

  9. “Is it just me or does guy look like a poor man’s doomsday”

    Man-Thing came first by like…20 years or so. And Doomsday sucks.

  10. Apologies, before my time

  11. He’s actually more like Swamp Thing (although he also predates Swamp Thing, by a couple months). Of course, if he was rendered green and mossy here, instead of looking brown and hairy, his swamp origins would be more obvious.

  12. This guy is the same color as the dust bunnies under my bed!