RP: Proper dress for wrestling the one-eyed monster

(From "Planet Comics" number 1, 1952. Note that in addition to the condom-armored heroes fighting the "one-eyed monsters", the backup feature is "Spurt" Hammond fighting women warriors of the Moon. That's a lot of awesome in one cover.)

11 Responses to RP: Proper dress for wrestling the one-eyed monster

  1. Avatar Mr. Q says:

    Full-body glass condoms?!? O_o

    You find some weird stuff in old comics, man. But this certainly makes the top ten in my book.

    Mr. Q

  2. Avatar Brad says:

    Oh, yuck.

  3. Avatar X-stacy says:

    What, you’d rather wrestle it without the condom?

  4. Avatar Dr. Shrinker says:

    What else would you wear to a laser-gun right than a “shot” glass?

  5. Avatar Kalkin says:

    So, are those some sort of spacesuits, for vacuum? If so, the one-eyed monster is located in their pants, as pressure difference causes them to crap their pants – and pretty violently too. Maybe they are wearing kevlar enforced diapers.

  6. Avatar Brad says:

    Well, X-Stacy, since you asked, I usually find it best to go in with bare hands and choke the life out of him. Unless I’ve got some specially enlisted assistance. It’s usually best to team up, after all.

  7. Avatar ajw says:

    those are the dessert covers, they clearly admired the armor of the common slice of pie

  8. Avatar frankie says:

    well, atleast they won’t be able to smell their own farts.

  9. Avatar The Imp says:

    It kind of look like they’re wearing baby milk bottles…

  10. Avatar Reader Kate says:

    How the hell would you get into those things?

  11. Avatar Amscray says: