HM3: Owen head and logo

BlueBlazer requested a portrait of his nephew Owen for winning Character Contest 53, and it's now live in Head-Winners:

Frevoli requested a remake of this logo as his prize for a Friday Night Fights 2 consolation round:

And here's what we ended up with:

12 Responses to HM3: Owen head and logo

  1. That child’s head will make for some prettay creepy stuff.

    MARVEL presents: MAN-CHILD issue #1

  2. Yeah, I’m a little worried about that, to be honest with you!

  3. Owen’s actually my son, but thanks!

  4. Also, I just went to use it and it looks like when you click on his head it puts up the one next to it instead. Hopefully this isn’t just my computer screwing up.

  5. Oops! Two errors in such a short post, I’m on a roll. I just fixed and re-posted the file, BB, give it a shot now.

  6. Where is the logo ? I don’t find that in insignia slots ?

  7. He didn’t want it as an item, he wanted it as a Sketch of the Day style drawing just for his use.

  8. Is it time for some child superheros now?

  9. By the way, BB, you apparently make some cute mini-heroes.

  10. Thanks, Brad! He’s my pride and joy.

  11. Quite welcome 😀 Looking forward to those days myself, soon enough 😀

  12. @Fabien why, did you want to use it? Maybe I’ll asked to get it added if/when I get another prize under my belt