Caption Contest 92: BAWHOOM!

Come up with the best replacement dialog for this random comics panel (courtesy of the spectacular Glenn3's "Say What? Pictures") and you’ll win your choice of either any item you like or any portrait to be included in HeroMachine 3′s final release, or a custom black and white “Sketch of the Day” style illustration!

All entries must be left as a comment (or comments) to this post. Keep ‘em clean (appropriate for a late-night broadcast TV show), but most importantly, keep ‘em funny!

No limit on the number of submissions beyond normal self-editing (i.e. don’t spam crappy entries hoping to get lucky), so good luck to everyone. Contest closes next Monday.

(Image and character © DC Comics.)

94 Responses to Caption Contest 92: BAWHOOM!

  1. Everybody was Kung-fu fighting,
    those kicks were fast as light-ning!

  2. Avatar eric ross burton

    i know your excited for the roman parade but could you please practice your spartan kick some where else

  3. Hey, that was my lunch!

  4. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta

    Help that man! His shoe’s gone crazy!

  5. Freaking banana peels!

  6. Okay, so it turns out the pop rocks story WASN’T an urban myth.

  7. So… THAT’S an atomic fart.

  8. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    “You used the wrong OnomontoPOWia dumb ass! Really, amatures. I’m surrounded by amatures!”

  9. 1.Jimmy I said NEVER touch my cape!
    2.The evil forces of litter have struck again!

  10. 1) “Falcon Kick!!!”

  11. 2) “Hey, I finally nailed it! It’s left, down, right, up then X!”

  12. 3) “This must be how Red Foreman’s kick would’ve looked if Michael Bay directed That ’70s Show!”

  13. Captain Planet is here!….oh good lord! I’m too late

  14. “Ha ha you missed! I’m over in the next panel, fool!”

  15. “Chuck Norris strikes again!”

  16. What did you say is on my face?

  17. 1. Life Alert here, we’ve detected that you’re falling and won’t be getting up.

  18. 2. You’ve mastered step 2– the next step is breaking it off in someone’s rear.

  19. 3. Martha, this is why we don’t let Clark play football for Smallville High.

  20., i don’t see dog crap on the bottom of your shoe!

    2. Is this is what i get for saying marvel is the number one comic book franchise?

    3.Not another Charlie Brown accident!

  21. Face It, John, Your not gonna be Jackie Chan when you grow

  22. “Honey, hide our daughter! He’s here!”

  23. “Alright,…you owe my wife a new head.”

    “Door knobs, m’boy! Door knobs!”

  24. Archie Comics! Now available in SURROUND SOUND and 3D!!!

    No wonder you slipped; you have no shoe treads!

    Ya’know, that spells MOOHWAB backwards.

    All this action… And it’s only panel 2!

    Gee, thanks. I didn’t even want to use my brand new football.

  25. If it ain’t broke… BREAK IT!

  26. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    “THIS is what *I* do to banana peels!”

    “Run! Daniel has finally mastered the Crane Technique!”

    “Behold the power of Nuclear Foot-Stink! Superman is DOOMED!”

  27. “Dude, Batman told you he would beat up kids with Joker costumes, but no, don’t listen to ol’ Cobblepot.”

    “The post office really needs to screen those brown packages without a return address”

  28. “No, I actually think this IS madness.”

    “No, no, no, you forgot to say hee hee! Try it again.”

    “I was going to say pick the lock buy I guess that works too.”

  29. 1) Damn you Captain Banana Peel!!
    2) Crap! That must have been one of those Mario Kart banana peels!

  30. Sorry, mac, you gotta buy something before you can use our bawhoom.

  31. 1 More powerful than a paper bag!
    2 I’ll show you evil ants the Foot of Freedom!

  32. o/` o/` There it is! BAWHOOM, there it is! o/` o/`

  33. “Get out of here! I told you before, YOU CAN’T HAS CHEEZEBURGER!”

  34. Avatar spidercow2010

    This looks like a vintage panel, so I’m going back in time:
    “President Ford? Are you ready to meet the Prime Minister?”

  35. For some reason, I’m thinking action movie director.

    “Okay, that was great, but could we do it again with less ‘Bawhoom,’ and more ‘Kablam?’ Also, faster and more intense.”

  36. 1. Is that a Freudian slip, or are you just happy to see me?

    2. Well, I didn’t expect the Screaming Wind to sound like THAT.

    3. Wow!His butt knows OnomotoPOWia!

    4. Yeah! That’ll teach the IRS!

    5. Stop practicing what you saw in all those Bulletstorm ads! Just buy the game!

  37. 1) Gentlemen, We have successfully weaponized the banana peel!

    2) EEEEEEEEK! The Sole has claimed another victim!

    3) And that’s how you fail the final exam at EOD school.

  38. 1) Grandpa! NO!

    2) See, John, This is why you should potty-train your dog…

    3)If you had to go that bad, why didn’t you just say so?

  39. RC ninja tank one, Jim zero.

  40. Donkey kick? You’re doing it wrong!

  41. 1. Call me an idiot, but did that guy just slip on a brick?
    2. He went for it? He totally went for it?!
    3. Aha I got your shoe number now!
    4. Hey, hey, hey! It took like 7 hours to sweep that trash off from the floor! (?)
    5. Don’t kill the photographer with your completley failed Falcon Punch!
    6. I bet that a shotgun could do a better shockwave edition than that.

  42. And now I present the newest member of the Legion, Explosive-Flatulance Lad!

  43. “Ya see, Bud, most kicks these days aren’t worthy of the name. They make a tiny, apologetic noise. But not the Ferguson. It’s a man’s kick. It says Stand back, partner, I’m coming through!”

  44. 1″Ya know Chuck, now we’re getting used to this whole ’roundhouse kick’ thing”

  45. Didn’t I tell you to stay away from the three-bean salad, George?

  46. “That’ll teach ya to mess with Chuck Norris!”

  47. That is NOT how to play footsie!

  48. “If you’re all out of chewing gum, all you had to do was ask.”

  49. “Oh my god! Ow! So, every time somone says, ‘Is that all you got?’ you’re gonna kick them into a tree?”

  50. Nice try, but my butt’s over here.

  51. So much for a friendly game of kickball.

  52. “What did I say about going to Del Taco?”

  53. I thought that whole “One Legged Man At A Butt Kicking Contest” thing was just a joke!

  54. “Oh, just great. Now let’s see if you can conjure up a BAROOM or a VA-CUUM and clean this mess up.”

  55. Yes, the bawhoom, where you can dwink beew and smoke cigawettes and get into bwawls.

  56. 1: Oh, THAT’S what they mean by “Break a leg.”

    2: Hey, Raph; Leo finally got his split-kick right!!!! Oh come on, only a SIX?!”

    3: “WHAT did I tell you about blurting my secret identity all over the place?!”

  57. 1. I believed you when you said that you won the chili eating contest.
    2. Wide left again Mike, Idiot kicker.

  58. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    1) Well so far the Karate Kid sequel is off to a terrible start.

    2) I don’t care what kind of sound it makes, John. It’s not a legitimate dance move.

    3) That’s it, I’m taking the Kinect back. This was a terrible idea in the first place.

  59. “Now class, this is an image of the scientific theory that Chuck Norris created the big bang.”

  60. .. and then he kicked the trashcan so hard the sun exploded!!

  61. Sorry I forgot to put the “wet floor” sign out again.

  62. ha ha ha!! The Waxer strikes again!!!

  63. banana split strike !


    i say this because the caption is coming from off screen.

  65. entry #2: Nice shoot Yoshi !

  66. So THAT’S Snapper Carr’s super-power!

  67. Hey man! why you trippin!

  68. 1)Hey,man,if you have to sneeze that badly, try using your arm next time!

    2)How did you know that I got you a football for christmas? And how did you make it explode?


    2) Rob Liefeld art…you’re next!

    3) New exploding hot sauce! Only at Tony’s House of Ribs.

  70. well,i can do a hand stand and you cant!

  71. Doesn’t matter Snapper, I’m still a Marvel fan!


  73. Wow Bill i think we finally found the first male Rockette!!!

  74. This is the last time I buy an Acme Do it yourself car bomb kit!!!

  75. Wow!
    And with only one leg…

  76. Boot to da head!

  77. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    “Ba-whoom, ba-whoom….dadadadadadadadadadaaaaa”

    “Trick or Treat…SMELL MY FEET!”

    “He’s got legs… how knows how to use ’em….”

    “I think the Big Bad Wolf is sick of just puffing….”

    “Here’s Johnny!”

  78. Avatar PhantomCaliber

    That is the LAST time I pull your finger, Uncle Stan!

  79. …and that kids, is why you don’t play “Hot Potato” with hand grenades!

  80. “Sorry, Knox. These two slipped on a banana peel.”

  81. Avatar ThePerfectTense

    1. No corny one-liner?

    2. Dude,I hate to break it to you. but… You missed.

    3. That’s the third piggy bank this week! Is this really necessary?

  82. Let’s see what Carrie Ann Inaba gives me after this move!

  83. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    Even -if- you thought the cake was a lie, that’s no reason to kick it!

  84. I already told you! I had an extra-large bean burrito last night!


  86. Man, that was funny! We should put it on Hero Machine!

  87. Well, if its not ice it kinda defeats the whole purpose of calling it “ice skating,”, Fill.

  88. A mad comic guy kicks the reader and kills him. all this……. in the twilight zone.

  89. …………i take it were remodeling.

  90. did I nail the flip?

  91. “Roadhouse!”

  92. Sixteen plates of beans ruined Darren’s sphincter control in the fart-lighting competition.

  93. “ooo i forgot to put out the wet floor sign”


    sorry i thought it looked better as if someone was yelling it