RP: On punishment, cruel and unusual, duck-style

(Courtesy of The Invincible Super-Blog.)

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Jeff is a 45 year old city boy who has somehow found himself located in Colorado, fulfilling his lifetime dream of making a living drawing super-heroes all day.

3 Responses to RP: On punishment, cruel and unusual, duck-style

  1. Nick Hentschel

    “…Or I’ll eat my hat” used to be a common expression for absolutely believeing something, but I guess ol’ Duckie was wrong!

  2. spidercow2010

    That’s Scrooge McDuck, isn’t it? Duckburg always was an odd place. A population of enormous talking waterfowl mixed with humanoid dogs, or canine humans–I never could quite figure which. Now I get a peek into their peculiar system of jurisprudence. I never want anything done to me duck-style.

  3. This sort of nonsense is why the world needs Darkwing Duck.