HM3: Prize updates

You may recall that last year I exercised my executive privilege to revert a bunch of unclaimed contest prizes back to the community. You all came up with a ton of suggestions for those unused prizes, and voted on the ones you most wanted to see happen. Since then, some of those items have been done and some remain, while others have been chosen as prizes by new winners. I wanted to update everyone on the status of that ongoing effort, so here's the current list:

13 Responses to HM3: Prize updates

  1. Avatar Solander says:

    Hi there Jeff. Any updates from Mark regarding the heavy weapons section? I know he’s busy man, so no rush.

  2. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Not recently, Solander, sorry.

  3. Avatar CPrime says:

    What’s a khopesh?

  4. Avatar Myro says:

    Khopesh: A bladed weapon used in ancient Egypt, and wielded similarly to a sword.

  5. Avatar Watson Bradshaw says:

    hey Jeff don’t know if you got my prize request for the bounty hunter (Contest 54)or not? I asked for some legs or thigh section that are capped at the knee,to show bent legs better or a starship cockpit background. Hope thats cool, and doesn’t take to long for you to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Hi Watson, check out the post just prior to this one —


  7. Avatar The Imp says:

    Hey Jeff, you never did tell me if it was cool to pick two items for winning FNF. If so, I’d say facial wrinkles and the leather zipper pants (preferably female). Or one or the other of ’em if you don’t want to do two. I’m easy like that.

  8. Avatar Mark says:

    @Solander #1 – Jeff’s right, I suddenly got real busy. My wife and I seized an opportunity to build a new home, and that’s taking the lions share of my time. I have made some progress on the heavy weapons though. I’ll see if I can at least get it to an intermediate point where I can send Jeff the work I’ve done so far. Thanx for the encouragement.

  9. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Imp, I thought you said to take the next four items from the replacement prize list, which (though it’s hard to see in this version) is why I posted this — yours are the ones between “tail with a taper” and “mean eyes” to include bandage hands; legs in a crouching pose; Mass Effect style recon hood; facial wrinkles; and creepy graveyard background.

    But if you want to substitute some of those for other items on the list, that’s fine, just let me know specifically which four items you want. I realize there are actually five items on the list, because I can’t count, but hey, it’s published, so five it’ll be.

  10. Avatar CPrime says:

    Thanks, Myro.

  11. Avatar The Imp says:

    Nope, that’s perfectly fine how you’ve got it. I just couldn’t make out anything blue-outlined on that list.

  12. Avatar Krimzon says:

    The waistcoat, patchwork coat, lab coat, modern bulletproof vest, gi, leather zipper pants, recon hood, and POTO mask are all things that would come in handy.

  13. Avatar Jake says:

    I was really disappointed the wheelchair didn’t score higher. That would have been awesome.