RP: Fashion is not for the weak

(From "Ultimate Spider-Man" number 70, © Marvel Comics.)

4 Responses to RP: Fashion is not for the weak

  1. Riddlerclue says:

    Never mind. I LIKE that you are using all Ultimate Spider-Man now. I keep forgetting how awesome this series is.

  2. cavalier says:

    A man wearing a gorget is making fashion comments? Or is that a sleeveless turtleneck? Either way, no room to throw stones.

  3. heinz57xc says:

    really? fashion comments from a man who spent most of his hero days in a costume that was almost completely purple from head to toe. oh. almost forgot the mardi gras style mask he wore EVERYWHERE!

  4. Wesley Belk says:

    Spidey should’ve said “Look who’s talking!”