RP: Worst. Circus. Ever.

(From "Four Favorites" number 9, 1943.)

6 Responses to RP: Worst. Circus. Ever.

  1. I don’t want to see what the elephant trainer throws when you bother him.

  2. [funny, and horrifying, Myro!]

    And yeah, Cirque Du Solei’s dark goth inspired “Pestilencia” didn’t breathe new life into the Vegas franchise… [oh crap..! ulcer..!]

  3. You go clown! Show those hecklers you mean business!

  4. @Jeff: Are we having Open Critique Day today?

  5. hey it’s the clown who wanted that caped guy’s mouth for his business!

  6. hey jeff have we and if we haven’t can we have a superhero contest based on story and character, I mean story is like vital to the contest and character though very important sits back a little?