RP: Adventures in unearthly insane gurgling

(From "Dynamic Comics" number 1, 1941. I couldn't think of a funny headline, it just struck me as a bizarre panel. I don't usually think of "ha ha ha" as either insane or gurgling, or "WHEEEE" as unearthly.)

6 Responses to RP: Adventures in unearthly insane gurgling

  1. Laughter that’s insane and gurgling sounds just like normal laughter. Imagine that!

  2. Rents the air? How much does that cost?

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    $1.98 per cubic foot, per minute!
    The price of everything just keeps going up!
    Oh, and if you breathe the stuff, there goes your Security Deposit!

  4. If you hear WHEEEEE in a cemetery at night, maybe…

  5. Of course I should have known the price of air would be going up. It is inflation after all.

  6. I just can’t get over the fact that he looks like he’s wearing one of those cone-dog collars and getting poked in the eye with a big green stick. Whee would not be my reaction to being found thus.

    BTW it’s normal for the end user to not notice an increase in the cost of air … the cost to the end user is usually transparent.