RP: DOOM will need your HMO card first, wench!

(From "Yankee Comics" number 4.)

10 Responses to RP: DOOM will need your HMO card first, wench!

  1. *snicker!*

    Good one, Jeffrey!

  2. That’s EXACTLY what Victor would say, JH!

  3. “Doom does not make house calls. Please schedule an appointment with Doom’s office.”

  4. “What? Doom touched sensitive subject? Doom cares not fool! FOR HE IS DOOM!”

  5. No, you stupid woman! What are you doing? Doom’s probably the reason your father went missing and your sister is mad in the first place!

  6. Avatar William A. Peterson

    I’m guessing that this fine effort (cough!) greatly predates Victor’s first appearance…

  7. I dun gettit….Seriously…Say whuuuu????
    T__T MY GEEKDOM has FAILED….>x””(

  8. Doom is not that kind of Doctor, woman!

  9. She’s asking Dr. Doom for help. At the time there WAS no Victor Von Doom of Fantastic Four super-villain fame, of course, but reading it now, it’s like she’s begging one of the most evil, arrogant villains in the world to make a house call.

  10. Oh….oh! I get it now! Made me laugh so hard I caughed….