The No-Effort Costume

I'm sure "The Enchanted Dagger" would tip his cap to the guy who designed his costume, only he doesn't have a cap. Or a belt. Or shoes, gloves, or anything else but long red underwear in what is surely a front-runner for Laziest Costume Ever:

At least he has the comfort of wearing footie pajamas. Those things are awesome. I wonder if he also has the button-up rear-end flap?

Holy crap, I can't believe I wondered that. Or published it. Gulp.

I tried to imagine an even more generic, uninspired, lazy outfit, but I drew a blank. The closest I could come was Namor's scaly briefs, but at least he had winged feet, which you have to admit is thinking outside the box for a guy who lives underwater.

You'd think with a name like "The Enchanged Dagger", a guy who runs around with -- you guessed it -- a giant enchanted dagger would have someplace to put that Enchanted Dagger. But unless he's sporting some deep pockets in those skin-tight underoos, I'm not seeing a sheath or anything like it.

If it weren't for that sad little domino mask, he'd basically be a crazy person running around in his longjohns. Which, come to think of it, makes him fit right in with the other members of the super-hero fraternity ...

(Image from "Yankee Comics" number 4.)

23 Responses to The No-Effort Costume

  1. Me, Myself & I says:

    I think the only thing you could do to make this outfit seem even simple would be to make it tn or skin color. Technically it wouldn’t actually be simpler but I image it would be percieved as such.

  2. CPrime says:

    Well, if you’re not counting physical features of the character, there are a lot of characters with pretty lazy costumes.

    Some examples include:
    Beast, back when he wore blue trunks.
    Thing, with his blue trunks.
    And the Hulk with his torn up purple shorts that begs the question, how many pairs of purple pants did Bruce Banner have?

  3. Danny Beaty says:

    My research tells me that the Enchanted Dagger is in the public domain, so here is my redo of the Enchanted Dagger.

  4. Danny Beaty says:

    According to my research, the dagger has the power to hypnotize people without affecting the person holding the dagger.

  5. …He looks like a sack of wet meat….Eww.

  6. William A. Peterson says:

    Okay, why would you need an Enchanted Dagger to hypnotize someone? And, why would hypnotizing someone else have a danger of hypnotizing the person doing the hypnotizing?

    Danny, I think your remake is a little too different, and looks more like a travelling Knight, than a Superhero…

  7. X-stacy says:

    “Every man has a right to earn an honest living without paying for the priviledge.” So, he’s against the income tax, then? That explains the red.

  8. Simon says:

    Is it any lazier than, say, the Silver Surfer?

  9. Tango says:

    Just for fun, I made my own redo, based only on that image, and Jeff’s description of him, as a “guy who runs around with a giant enchanted dagger.”

  10. Tango! Awesome picture! But did you use Photoshop ya cheater?! Still nice re-hash of this horrible characters suit. Even if you…CHEATED. *Dramatic face*

  11. I’m still trying to really grasp the Enchanted Dagger’s quote. I see it both ways. Either people are too lazy too exercise their rights that this guy wears a lame costume. Or, the lame costume is a result of people too lazy to take up their rights?

    @Danny Beaty & Tango: Thanks for the re-duxes :>

  12. Tango says:

    @Nicholas: Actually, I didn’t use photoshop. His right boot top is masked to an insignia that’s layered to the bottom, and the glowing sword/symbol is just the gradient.

  13. Jeff Hebert says:

    Tango, I love it! A really nice image and the glowing effect rocks. I assume you got the fade-to-transparent on the glow by making the outside color 0% alpha? I didn’t know that would work, cool!

    For the record, your rendition of The Enchanted Dagger is way, way better than the original.

  14. Danny Beaty says:

    @The Atomic Punk: You’re welcome, glad you noticed.

  15. Tango says:

    What’s nice about those gradients is that by playing with the transparency, it opens up some interesting possibilities in terms of creating tinted images. If you look carefully, there’s a slight tan glow to the upper portion of the image. I’m definitely going to be using those items a lot.

    @Jeff: Yes, that’s how I did it. Thank you very much for the compliments.

  16. The Imp says:

    @Tango: If I wasn’t against marrying people I meet on the internet, I’d ask you to marry me. πŸ˜€ That pic is freaking awesome.

  17. I have to say as long as this horrible characters is againest the income tax I like em. Also Tango that pic is still awesome so I luv ya man.

  18. X-stacy says:

    If you’re against the income tax, I gather you’re also against everything it pays for?

  19. NO….but income tax is obnoxious! Also this is HM, shutthefrakup about politics anyway, and you started it. Not the time nor the place stacy. :)Also less goverment less tax’s more money from “small” taxs. Simple. Also I’ll shut up cause I’m being a hypocrite by replying. So meh.
    Also I’m gonna stopbecause there is no deleting past comments.

  20. And because Jeff…Jeff is always watching…>__>

  21. Jeff Hebert says:

    Yes, *CNN* is the “Place for Politics”, not here.

    Nicholas, YOU started it, with comment number 17. And don’t ever tell anyone else on these boards to shut up in any way, shape or form. That is disrespectful and rude, and I won’t stand for it.

    Sometimes you come off as if you are very young, so I’m trying to make allowances, but regardless your behavior as shown through what you write needs to get better immediately. Start treating your fellow commenters with respect, and as if you were a mature adult.

    I’ve never banned anyone from this site before, please don’t make me start with you. I’m serious about this.

  22. X-stacy says:

    I’ll admit to starting it, in that I made the crack up-thread linking the character’s statement to his red clothes. So I apologize, Nicholas, because you’re right, it’s not the place.

  23. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, I missed that one — Sorry for the false accusation, Nicholas, and thanks for ‘fessing up, X-stacy.

    But yeah, let’s go ahead and end this here, and next time we’ll all be nicer to each other!