RP: Worst. Parents. Ever.

8 Responses to RP: Worst. Parents. Ever.

  1. This is uber-creepy considering the girls’ apparent age.

  2. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    This is making my brain bleed into my sinuses! I need context stat; or I may not recover.

  3. ….she looks 12, sooooo….ew.

  4. Never has so much that’s so wrong been expressed in so few word bubbles.

  5. Although these days its harder to tell how old girls are just look at certain actresses, the girl from Life Unexpected is in her 20s but always plays minors and the girl from lie to me is also older than what she plays on that show. Maybe this girl is just a petite flat 21 year old.

  6. Or maybe this deserves the PedoBear seal of approval. Ick.


  7. It’s just the pig-tails that make her look young. Oh, and the jeans with the rolled-up cuffs. And the school-girl mary janes with socks. Er, and her relative size.

    Okay, she’s twelve, and her father is either both slightly deaf and incredibly clueless, or he means “set up the camera” when he says “help Mom with the dishes.”

  8. I think the internet has turned all our minds to perverted mush. Myro, X-Stacy and I are proof of the horrors of “The Internet”…..