Everyday items as costumes

This appears to be King Kirby week here at the HeroMachine Comics Blog, and once again I'm going to be picking on a guy I regard as a genius. But hey, if you can't destroy the ones you love, who can you destroy, right?

The contest this week is oriented towards Kirby's unique costuming, so I wanted to highlight one tendency of his in particular -- incorporating everyday items into his super-hero outfits, particularly in his later Fourth World style designs. My main target today is "Ajak" from Marvel Comics' "The Eternals" (issue number 7 in this case). Ajak is sort of a herald, as far as I can tell, who comes ahead of the Eternals to basically assemble them from a kit on their new planet. Which doesn't explain why he is wearing a giant video camera as a helmet:

Actually it's sort of a combination giant fish with a big lens instead of a head, I suppose. Maybe they heard "Fish Eye Lens" and got carried away? Whatever, look at how far out the nose of that thing sticks from the head! "I'd love to kiss you, darling, but I can't get closer than two feet!"

Another example of this is "General Ordiz" and his chest-mounted old-fashioned reel-fed tape recorder:

Keep this in mind as you design your Kirby-inspired contest entries, hopefully it will ... inspire? ... you to new heights of awesomeness.

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