RP: The old days, when "ATTRACTIVE Oriental" meant WHITE

(From "Captain Battle" number 2, 1941.)

11 Responses to RP: The old days, when "ATTRACTIVE Oriental" meant WHITE

  1. Ever see “The Conquerer?” Red-headed Susan Hayward played a Tartar princess named Bortai.

  2. John Wayne as Genghis Khan.
    Warner Oland as Charlie Chan.

    Some of the most memorable Asians are white.

  3. The entire cast of that Airbender movie comes to mind…

  4. It could have been much worse. Ever see “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”? Mikey Roonie plays the most racist Asian stereotype I’ve ever seen…

  5. If the lady is talking about the jewel, there’s no such thing as a “Konoor”. I’m assuming she’s talking about the Koh-i-Noor, a really big and EXTREMELY valuable diamond. But it’s never been spelled “Konoor”. Ever. For Gods’ sakes, do research before you write a comic book. I expect this is why the guy’s company went out of business in ’55.

  6. Who ever said he was talking about the Koh-i-Noor? Isn’t it possible for another item to have a similar name?

  7. I’m assuming the konoor is that green gem she’s looking at…

  8. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    @ Gero:

    Good call, bringing up the “Tiffany’s” reference. There’s a scene in “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story,” where Bruce and Linda actually walk out of that movie because they’re so offended!

  9. @ Gero
    Couldn’t be much worse than Marlon Brando in “Teahouse of the Autumn Moon.”

  10. Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto.

  11. This is an akward statment for the comic since both things are wrong. She is white and that guys is right its IS Koh-I-Noor. How much fail does this company produce?
    Also may I ask what is it? The company? What is it called?