RP: So speaketh … THE DITHERER!

(From "Captain Battle" number 1, 1941.)

10 Responses to RP: So speaketh … THE DITHERER!

  1. …as he propels himself upon a plume of noxious methane gas!

  2. They should call him “The Cropduster”.

  3. Just watch out for that panel-crossing disembodied arm!

  4. @The Eric: I’m not sure where that thing is coming from, as it doesn’t seem to be attached to an upper arm at all, in any panel. Spooky!

  5. The arm’s just an artifact of my cropping, it belongs to someone in the upper panel — you can just see the lower border of that panel.

    I could see a NOSE spontaneously popping off given this guy’s “power”, but not so much an arm 🙂

  6. Is it just me, or does our flying man have a huge, hairy left arm?

  7. I bet he eats cabbage in popcorn to re-charge.

  8. This so belongs on a t-shirt.

    Actually, the cropped arm adds to the panel. It’s like someone in the crowd is shouting “Right on, crazy@ss flying man!”

  9. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    Heading straight out of Galactus’s colon this new Herald got the short straw when it came to his Power Cosmic!

  10. I always wanted a slogan like this for a superhero team: “‘Truth’ this! ‘Justice’ that! And ‘Hero’ some other damn thing!”