RP: Like wearing our underwear outside!

(From "Wonder Boy" number 17, 1955.)

6 Responses to RP: Like wearing our underwear outside!

  1. Americans like to make their own plans… which is tremendously inconvenient when we’ve already gone to the trouble of arranging out itinerary for your visit. Thanks a lot, America. Maybe you could have just told us in advance that you already had things planned!

  2. On a related note, you could check out these old political cartoons regarding America’s “plans” for Canada.

  3. I’m not super-fond of spandex, but I have to admit, it looks a lot less like straight up fighting crime in your jammies than this kid’s outfit.

  4. It’s kind of a Homestar thing he’s got going there.

    By the by, what are “Plans for the Cautilus-or whatever” that he’s got hanging all haphazardly out of his bag of evil schemes?

  5. Speaking of wearing underwear outside, I’ve always wondered: Is there a name for that little underwear thing that Superman and other heroes wear on the outside of their costumes? This probably indicates I don’t have enough to think about. 🙂

  6. Whatever the plans were, NGpm, they must have fallen through, because Google is stumped. The only thing popping up that isn’t trying to tell me I mean “nautilus” or “cautious” is a quote from Virgil’s Aeneid, and even that’s a false result, as the word in the quote is actually cautibus. Oh, and this blog, of course. So I guess we get to decide what Cautilus might mean.

    I think it should be what you call underwear worn outside spandex pants!