18 Responses to SOD.206

  1. Holy cow, that is awesome.

  2. Wow! Jeff you just won the game 😉

    Seriously, this is freakin amazing!!!!

  3. Good god! You’ve done the impossible. You made an Ewok look badass. And the caption! Distilled awesome.

  4. I officially motion to nominate this SOD for the Jeff Hebert Hall of Fame. Any seconds?

  5. I second!

  6. @john:
    I second this motion

    This is a definite Epic Ewok Win.
    No the only thing we needs is the actual comic book and we are done.
    Or the squeal “Revenge of the Cousins” (a quick wiki search found that anything isn’t a bear is a cousin to them and must be killed by Ewaks too)

  7. no=now*

  8. Jeff, I bow to your awesomeness!!! My favorite SOD,to date. You have created something wicked cool! Well done,Sir!

  9. Awesome, with a side of awesome sauce! I hated those silly pastel colored piles of fluff almost as much as I hated the Smurfs. Any chance you could something with them? Please.

  10. @Phatchick: I propose a battle to the death between the Smurfs and the Gremlins!GO TEAM GREEN!!! 😀

  11. @Alex: I can go for that myself. Hell, Gizmo could make Smurf-kabobs with a sharp pencil or two.

    Mr. Q

  12. @ Alex- I LIKE that idea.

  13. Everyone who want’s to see a gremlin beat the beard off of Papa Smurf say “Smurf-down”!!! 😀

  14. Smurf-down!!!

  15. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Jeff, you’ve just made my day. This is great. Definitely my favorite SOD so far. the image alone would have done it but the caption totally exceeds what I was picturing when I suggested it. Well done sir. Well done!

  16. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    By the way, seeing as the Smurf’s have come up this comic involving them is rather twisted. Funny, but twisted.

    I warn anyone who might follow this link . . . not for the politically correct!

  17. Mr Herbert I want to marry you!
    And Smurf-Down!!!

  18. Heh. I figured you had decided to keep it PG with the last one. This is fantastic.