Living Tattoos

I’m working my way through a fantastic set of “HeroMachine 101″ lessons Hammerknight sent in, which I’ll probably start next week. But meanwhile, frequent commenter “Me, Myself, and I” put together this really cool recipe for how to do a “Living Dragon Tattoo”, a neat effect I don’t think I’ve seen before:

His secret how-to guide after the jump!

Thanks a bunch, MMI!

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Jeff is a 45 year old city boy who has somehow found himself located in Colorado, fulfilling his lifetime dream of making a living drawing super-heroes all day.

8 Responses to Living Tattoos

  1. That’s a nice trick; I’ll have to try that out. Bet you could rig some kind of tree/vegetation-thingy growing out of the arm using that tree insignia and some judicious use of that leaf circle-item/right/energy item…

  2. Me, Myself & I

    Absolutely you could. Many of the companions could also be turned into living tattoos as well.

  3. And what, it is possible so to send here the “to technology? To whom?

  4. Me, Myself & I

    Hey Rozenstal, I’m not sure if I understand your question. Could you refraise it?

  5. @MMI,
    1. Send such lessons all can?
    2. If yes, to whom to send?

  6. Yes, anyone can send in a recipe. I can’t guarantee I will publish it, but anyone is welcome to submit theirs.

    You can send it to me,

    Hope that’s what you were asking.

  7. Yes, thanks.

  8. Me, Myself & I

    Thank you for clarifying the questions Rozenstal.