Got a day behind again, but thanks to Facebook fan Chip McDaniel for the suggestion.

8 Responses to SOD.203

  1. That’s certainly the most disturbing SOD you’ve ever done.

  2. Wow, that’s certainly horrible….Thanks for the nightmare bub!
    Love it, do more like this! It’s so ridiculous…

  3. She’s got that Innsmouth look they used to talk about…

  4. She’d make a good villain for my old kid superhero team, We don’t need no…:

  5. Looks like one of the teachers from “The Faculty”!

  6. i think that this is one wierd schoolmarm.

    by the way, why is the Zombie Edition Heromachine not working?

  7. Looks like something I’d expect from Dr. Who. The caption and all.

  8. All of my teachers wraped into one?