SOD.202 – Invisible Woman 3

Apparently I am on an invisible kick today. This one I was going for something much more feminine and fun, rather than militaristic and "Reed Richards' cast-off PJs".

I think this also catches me up from my missed days this week so I am back on schedule with the sketches of the day. Phew!

11 Responses to SOD.202 – Invisible Woman 3

  1. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    I like the outfit. I bet its pretty cold in the winter time!

  2. Avatar Danny Beaty

    That is good!

  3. This design looks more suited for She-Hulk,when she was with the team. I like the modern style,but it might be a better fit on the curvy green goddess.

  4. Only thing is the middle of the 4 if that is meant to be skin it feels like there should be some curves in there.

  5. Good point Oquies. I was going off the same base lineart for the figure, but that was drawn for a full-chest covering where the breasts would be squashed flatter by the spandex. In this model you’d see some curvature, and I didn’t change it up to reflect that. Good catch.

  6. Ok, stupid question, but where did you get that pose from? I looked through 3 alpha and didn’t see anything resembling that.

  7. Ryan, I drew this by hand. There is no such pose in HM3. Although I bet you could get close.

  8. I notice the lack of cleavage yet detail on the hip. Obviously, someone’s a “leg man”.

    I really like this drawing. The top is very original and stylish. Plus, she looks like someone I know. Both have a certain Helen Hunt appeal. (Forget the “Family Guy” dig, Helen Hunt is a hottie).

    Though, might I ask about the hipsack? Not to be “that guy”, but the brown belt… could go with a blue or white one.

  9. Those pants are gonna roll and fall off in two steps. As Blade would poit out, “What?! Oh, you think that’s TACTICAL!?”

    Anyone here see Invisible Woman’s outfit from a Marvel “Swimsuit Issue” from the 90’s? It featured the F(4) logo and some random bands… all invisible. [Oooh! Wouldja draw that Mr. JH? Huh? Huh? Wouldja?]

    But, I guess it could be worse, like Dr. Manhattan. He don’t need no steenkeenk supersuit costume.

  10. @Jeff ( Number 7 ) I took that as a challenge sir!! This is as close as I could get to that pose.

  11. Very cool, Kaldath, thanks!