RP: New BP CEO ad

(From "National Comics" number 2, 1940.)

12 Responses to RP: New BP CEO ad

  1. I think this guy MIGHT be evil…

  2. That just about sums it up nicely.

  3. sounds like the old one to me!

  4. Oh, sure, he’s got a crusty exterior. But maybe inside he’s all gooey filling, just waiting for the right child to come into his life and fill his world with joy.

    Yeah, probably not.

  5. Consider that BP supplies most of the military fuel, and they work for the government, which makes up 73% of there business venture. it’s more scary than funny really.

  6. Avatar Nick Hentschel

    Really? I thought this was Cheney! Or Bush with his makeup off…

  7. How Walt Disney really felt…

  8. @Gargoyle– LOL! Who knows, maybe Walt staged his death and withdrew from the rat (…or should I say, mouse) race to enjoy his filthy lucre.

  9. Can also be someone applying for a job at BP, AIG, Halaburton, etc….

    Mr. Q

  10. Avatar spidercow2010


  11. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    It’s the combover that makes him evil…

  12. He does look like Cheney, though, doesn’t he?