RP: Cold War era weapons-grade snark

(From "Reptilicus" number 1, 1961.)

11 Responses to RP: Cold War era weapons-grade snark

  1. Dan Gonzalez

    So when I call someone “snarky” I’m saying they’re a cheap plastic airlplane re-branded to be a nuclear missile?

  2. Odd. Even Lewis Carrol’s clone knows that the snark a) has no propeller, and b) would be better dead than red.

  3. Wait… from “Reptilicus”? What the hell is Reptilicus?

  4. I seriously doubt that this is intercontinental…

  5. Me, Myself & I

    No doubt Gero, especially when it looks like its launched by catapult.

  6. knight1192a

    In this case this isn’t even half funny. An ad for a model of the SM-62 Snark Intercontinetal cruise missile with a nuclear warhead

  7. Ewww! ICBM

  8. William A. Peterson

    The Snark was real, though it used a Ramjet…
    The thing could hit Mach 4!
    {At least, according Janes!}

  9. spidercow2010

    I played with toy weapons of mass destruction throughout my childhood, and I turned out OK.
    This was fourth prize? What was the grand prize, the Death Star?

  10. @spidercow: Grand prize was the real thing…

  11. It could be intercontinental. You’d just need a really big catapult.