A rejected (for good reasons) portrait sketch, but I liked it.

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  1. I like it.. but it begs the question:
    Who is it a portrait of, and WHY was it rejected?

  2. Its part of my FNF prize, that would be Amber La`Damor and I rejected it not because it wasn’t a good picture but because the character is far younger looking then she was drawn here, and since the illustration is more then one character the pose she is in doesn’t work so much with what I had in mind.

    After some further input from me Jeff came up with an incredible layout for the characters and I am excited to see the next step in the process 😀

  3. Ah cool. I was trying to find fault with it in order to “reject” it, but couldn’t. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. Avatar metalhead666

    i like the belt buckle
    maybe it should be in hm-3

  5. @metalhead666 : The belt is already in HM3, just not as its own pieces. Go into Tops Femaledresses Page 2, top row the first three tops