6 Responses to SOD.182

  1. Like the tiara, but definitely not the collar thingy. Is that supposed to be a lion? Dare I ask what that has to do with Wonder Woman? Girl? Lady?

    Now if that’s not Wonder “Whomever” I take that last comment back. 😉

    On an off-topic remark, is that “Jeff Art” I see on the UGO’s Comic Con 2010 coverage add?

  2. i like the collar and lions are very Greek/roman so it fits

  3. This is the new Wonder Woman design launched the other day for issue 600 (and the next year apparently); even though I don’t particularly care for it I wanted to give it a whirl. I couldn’t tell what the collar design was exactly from the image I had, so I kind of took a leap of faith.

    And yes Worf, those are recycled Sketches of the Day they used for their ComicCon stuff. Neat to see it up! I need to get a copy of that city background they used for the sci-fi looking woman, that’s pretty neat.

  4. I usually critique stuff on its own merits. However, SOD 182 compared to SOD 181 is a major improvement. Though Wonder Woman is supposed to be a young lass, she should be portrayed as a serious, ready-for-business woman. Ummm… office business… yeah, that’s it.

    I think that’s why Linda Carter really stood out. In her satin tights, fighting for her rights. She defined office cute, and was a pre-cursor to cougar and MIWLTHCW (Mom-I-Would-Love-To-Have-Coffee-With). You know what I mean.

    No, seriously. Wonder Woman is sexy and sophisticated. That’s why SOD 182 works and SOD 181 is “meh”. It’s the reason why I think the official reboot Wonder Woman as an urban high school club-hopper doesn’t work.

    By the by, I though “reboot” was cool when they did it for Star Trek (excellent movie!). But now it’s an excuse to lame something up more. I think of it as Highlander, then Highlander 2… then came the third Highlander.

    The studio even said “Please ignore Highlander 2, we’re so sorry”. Even Star Wars Episodes I & II. Well, here’s III, accept our apologies.

    That’s the new Wonder Woman. And Coke II. Dare I mention Schumacher’s Batman? Look, Lucky Charms doesn’t need more marshmallow shapes. I’ll stop ranting now.

  5. Atomic, you realize SOD.181 was Wonder GIRL, not Wonder WOMAN, right? Two totally different characters …

  6. @Jeff: My bad. *sheepish blush*

    I stand by my disdain for Straczynski’s Wonder Woman.