SOD.181 – Wonder Girl

Not sure which incarnation she's on now, but this is one version of her.

14 Responses to SOD.181 – Wonder Girl

  1. Nice work, Jeff. As long as we’re talking about Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman, Wonder Whoever–here’s my entry in the WW makeover derby. I was going for something very simple, very neoclassical, that plays up the whole “Amazon princess” angle and the character’s ties to Greco-Roman mythology. Lemme know what you think. Do you (a) like it, (b) love it, (c) hate it, or (d) just don’t frickin’ care? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Avatar Danny Beaty

    I like it!

  3. Ah, now that is great. Just the right amount of attitude, and a beautifully-done face.

  4. I… don’t like it. It makes me think “cheerleader, getting just drunk enough that she can later say she didn’t know what she was doing”. The clothes do the first part, the facial expression does the second.

  5. I can take the hit for the face, but the costume design isn’t mine.

  6. Avatar spidercow2010

    To me, Jeff, it says “Wonder Girl-Next-Door.” In a good way.
    She looks relaxed, with a sort of Hi, You Seem Nice, But I Can Drop You Like First Period French attitude. I’m saying she can tie me up.
    Niall, your ‘link’ takes me nowhere.

  7. @Nial Mor: For some reason, I can’t click on your link. It appears as a link, but doesn’t lead anywhere.

  8. OK, I patched up Niall’s link with the actual one — by the way — so if you click on it now, it goes to his (very good) rendition.

  9. Sorry about the boo-boo on the original link to my version of Wonder Woman. I’d really like some feedback on this. If I do say so myself, I think my version has it all over the new “urban street fighter” DC is pushing.

  10. ‘It makes me think “cheerleader, getting just drunk enough that she can later say she didn’t know what she was doing”.’

    And that’s a bad thing because…? 😀

  11. Because that finger is pointing just below your waistline and she’s smirking- laughing at you.

  12. Fair enough, Jeff, about the costume. 🙂 Your site and MGK are the only comics-related sites I hit. I used to be a big comics fan years ago (more years than I like to count) but have no idea these days what the canon is, or the outfits, or who’s dead or not dead, without visiting y’all’s sites. So I apologize for giving you an accidental dig. 🙂

  13. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Niall, that’s an awesome design!

  14. @Niall: I’m still having trouble with the UGO Forums. Got another place where you can post? Thanks.