12 Responses to SOD.176

  1. I like the cracked goggles. She looks like she’s looking back at the wreckage of her ship: “I walked away from that?!?”

  2. I have one thing to say to this… :O !

  3. more like `,x

  4. and she looks like shes had a fist stuck up her ass by a hamster.

  5. One major critique: Her right seems to go a bit too much to the right while the left stays straight, I didn’t notice it at first, but as looked at it more, I kept saying to myself, “Something’s not quite right here…” Finally I focused on the eyes. As that seems to be a major focal point, but I feel its an easy fix if you can just bring her right iris toward the center of her eyes, I feel it’ll be spot on! But that’s just my own humble opinion.

  6. I think you’re right, Wesley. Definitely didn’t take my time on this one. The eyes bug me too.

  7. She looks like she had Kate Gosslin’s plastic surgeon who used to much botox and collegen in her lips.

  8. Her lips are pursed, redvector.

  9. Yeah Wesley, the eyes are a little off. But it’s otherwise a great picture. Hey Jeff, you should do a slideshow of all the previous SODs sometime if you have the time. I think it’d be cool.

  10. Looks… weird.

  11. I really like that one.

  12. After watching some film, I’ve noticed that when people’s heads are slightly turned and they are looking straight on, their eyes do tend to look like this! It’s weird, but I think maybe if this were to be colored, shaded and what-have, it may actually be quite accurate, people’s eyes do odd things from different angles, so who knows this may be right! lol! Seriously, watch a TV show, and really focus on people’s eyes, at different angles and such, when their head isn’t turned sharply one way or another, their eyes focus in different ways… strange, but true!