Heraldic Shields

Thanks to Hammerknight for another couple of recipes in his Heraldry series, focusing on creating patriotic coats of arms for shields (click on either for a larger version):

Great job again, thanks HK!

8 Responses to Heraldic Shields

  1. kingmonkey says:

    Awesome! Just in time for Canada Day, too!

  2. remy says:

    there should be a contest or something for the heraldic shields

  3. Nick Hentschel says:

    Keep it up, HammerKnight; you may actually have the beginnings of a solid website, book, or “hands-on” tutorial on heraldry here!

  4. Danny Beaty says:

    @Hammerknight: Since there is absolutely NO furniture in HM3, why not show us how to make some cool looking furniture (chairs, couches, thrones etc.).

  5. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks everyone. @Danny I’ve been thinking on some stuff along that line.

  6. Cliff says:

    Great job as alwasys Hammerknight!
    I save your stuff in a tutorial foilder to go back to for tips, most of my action poses are thanks to what I’ve learned from you. I owe you a great debt of Thanks.
    I too would like to see some tutorials on desk (could have used it on Betty Baker aka Platinum Bomb at work), chairs and a toilet.

  7. Cliff says:

    OH! and your 3 panel MASK tutorial has been a constant lifesaver … when I don’t hit a glitch.

  8. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks Cliff. Glad to help.