RP: BZZZT! Survey says "RINGO!"

(From "Spidey Super Stories" number 54, ©1981, Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.)

4 Responses to RP: BZZZT! Survey says "RINGO!"

  1. Why, yes he is! And he’s the STARR of the show!
    (don’t shoot me with bananas)
    Yo, is this from one of the “Electric Company” comics?

  2. Yes, the “Spidey Super Stories” are based on the Electric Company version of the character and are lighter, sillier versions of the regular runs.

  3. Spidey Super Stories are some of the worst/best stories I’ve ever read. Like the one where Green Goblin steals a dragon float from a parade.

    “He’s draggin’ the dragon!”
    “What a drag!”
    (Sound effect in panel: Drag! Drag!)

  4. No, wait! I think that is the other gorilla that escaped from the zoo.