11 Responses to SOD.141

  1. wow, that reminds me alot of my cavalier entry…

  2. Reminds me of Tony stark in Iron man 2 because of the patterm on his skin

  3. Avatar Riddlerclue

    Hey! It’s Tony Stark!

    Wait…no it’s not.

    It’s Tony Stark with lame facial hair!

  4. ive coloured this for your own use. would you like me to send it to you

  5. seems too young to be tony stark, seems more like teen or young adult rather then older guy maybe a 2nd generation iron man/tony stark jr. or a younger clone created from original’s DNA. yeah sounds good to me, hehe.

  6. He’s Stony Tark, Cybernetic Stud from the Twenty Fifth Century.

  7. OOOOOOOOH maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! i just finished all my comments for the critique day and the thread was closed before i could post them. 🙁

  8. Yeah ok sorry, but my brother was bill cosby fan.
    And yes I am a douche for double posting sorry for the spam comments. Never mind. It’s just there are a few characters of mine i can’t make and they get scruntched in my head if I don’t give myself a referecne. But I did so again sorry for my crap, and no hard feelings? I love this site to much, to get my stupid self banned.
    : )

  9. Sorry XavierKain, I just reopened comments so you can post your remarks. I just won’t reply to any more requests for actual critiques!

  10. Avatar ghostblast123

    Tony Stark?