RP: If Wikipedia ran The Nature Channel

(From "Amazing Man" number 21.)

11 Responses to RP: If Wikipedia ran The Nature Channel

  1. [citation needed]

  2. They no use good grammar neither.

  3. [weasel words]

  4. Avatar Reader Kate

    What a wonderful bird the frog are!

  5. One more “practical” question… How do you WEAR a knife?

    Maybe through the frontal lobe? 😉 😛

  6. [This comment is innapropriate unless your name is Thana, which Wikilamiacs doubt it is]
    who’s ‘Thana’?

  7. Since the killng of Dr. von Snipe, there have been no more Shark in water, except for full moon at night. He can fly under full moon, but only above water.

  8. @Worf:
    Presumably, knife is worn as [knife]->[scabbard]->[belt]. Removing knife from scabbard means knife is no longer worn, and extra strength disappears. There’s a reason it was the scabbard of Excalibur that had ‘magical when worn’ properties, and not the sword itself…

  9. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Which came first: Dr. Snipe’s Shark or Monty Python’s Llama?

  10. The Shark’s Monty Python! 😛

  11. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Land shark!